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TOWN RBPDRTBR <br />TOWN OF PARADISE VALLEY <br />VOLUME 5, NO. 1 <br />6325 NORTH INVERGORDON ROAD <br />PARADI SE VALLEY , ARIZONA 85253 <br />SPRING 1973 <br />Ground breaking gets Town Hall to auspicious start <br />On a bright and pleasant Sun- <br />day afternoon this spring people <br />gath ered to observe the opening <br />of a new chapter in the history of <br />their Town. On April 8 they <br />watched Mayor E. Robert Trib- <br />ken turn the traditional shovel of <br />earth, a ceremony he gracio usly <br />shared with Honorary Mayor Jack <br />B. Huntress and Town Clerk <br />Emeritus ,Helen E. Marston. <br />Mayor Tribken summarized the <br />occa sion in his we lcoming remarks <br />to the official launching of the <br />n ew Town Hall, discu ssed and <br />p lanned for many, many months. <br />"It will really be our 'first' Town <br />Hall," h e said, "for we have been <br />operating for the past 12 years in <br />borrowed or rented quarters. In <br />the beginning Town business was <br />continued on next page <br />TWO GENTLEMEN step <br />aside while Town His- <br />torian Helen Marston, <br />former Town Clerk, <br />turns token shovel of <br />earth. At left Mayor Bob <br />Tribken and Honorary <br />Mayor Jack Huntress <br />criticize technique. <br />Townspeop le may he lp enhance Town Hall <br />An opportunity for Townspeo- <br />pl e to participate in providing <br />specia l ameni t ies for the new <br />Town Hall is being extended by <br />the Buil ding Committee headed <br />by Honorary Mayor Jack B. <br />Huntress . <br />In an open letter to residents <br />Mr. Huntress said the Town Hall <br />gave citize ns their first major <br />chance to make a contribution to- <br />ward the future of the Town in <br />a tangible way. <br />"Many citize n s have said that <br />they would like to do something <br />for the Town," Mr. Huntress <br />wrote, "because t h ey don't pay <br />any Town taxes. They have an <br />unusual affection for the com - <br />munity". This will give them an <br />continued on next page