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1 <br />I <br />TOWN RBPDRTBR <br />TOWN OF PARADISE VALLEY <br />VoLUME 5, No. 2 <br />Master Plan review <br />arouses wide interest <br />The Planning and Zoning Com- <br />mission has just fini shed wrestling <br />with one of its biggest problems. <br />Actually, they completed it sooner <br />than expected. This is the review <br />of the Master Plan commissioned <br />more than a year ago by the Town <br />from the Maricopa County Plan- <br />nin g and Zoning Commission; the <br />second such pl an preparecl by the <br />County. The first, presented 10 <br />years ago, was not adopted. <br />Public hearings have already <br />been held, and recommendations <br />have been forwarded to the <br />Council for consideration. Further <br />hearings will then be held until <br />finali zed by the Council. <br />continued page 5 <br />Election and <br />filing dat es set <br />There are two dates for the <br />next Council election. The first, <br />the primary, will be h eld Monday, <br />February 11 , 19 74. Polls will be <br />open in the new Town Hall from <br />6:00 a . m. to 7:00 p. m. If seven <br />candidates receive a ma jority of <br />the votes cast, there will be no <br />ne ed for a run-off. <br />For those not r eceiving a major- <br />ity, the ge n eral election will be <br />held Monday, March 25th. The <br />new Council will be formally seat- <br />ed in April. <br />Candidates must file with the <br />Town Clerk between November <br />12 and December 13. Nomination <br />petitions, information sheets and <br />other papers are available from <br />Town Clerk Mary Ann Brines. <br />Seing candidate easy , but read fine print <br />While anybody who can get the <br />signatures of 26 qualified voters <br />on a nomination petition can be- <br />come a candidate, there is a lot <br />of interesting fine print in the law <br />which may be one reason why <br />some people don't run for office. <br />A candidate must be a r eg ister- <br />ed voter, of course, and must be <br />at l east 18 years of age. H e (or <br />she) also must be a freeholder, a <br />term out of English common law <br />which simply means h e (or she) <br />must own r eal property in the <br />Town of Paradise Va ll ey. <br />Not unexpectedly, he may not <br />h ave been convicted of a felony <br />or treason, unle ss his civil rights <br />have since been restored. <br />A member of the State legisla- <br />continued page 4 <br />6325 NORTH INVERGORDON ROAD <br />PARADISE VALLEY, ARIZONA 85253 <br />FALL 1973 <br />Residents, gifts to <br />Town Hall top $18,000 <br />Voluntary donations from Par- <br />adise Valley citizens have topped <br />$18,000 and are still being warm- <br />ly receive d. This is a fine oppor- <br />tunity to provide memorials to <br />deserving people. These gifts will <br />be used largely to enhance the <br />furnishings and landscaping of the <br />new building and make it more <br />attractiv e as well as more service- <br />able to residents. <br />These contributions were the <br />response to a single, restrained <br />letter from Building Committee <br />Chairman, Jack B. Huntress, <br />which merely advised residents <br />that the opportunity to make such <br />donations existed if they wished <br />to do so. <br />No further s uch "notices of op- <br />portunity" are planned. However, <br />it is hoped when the building is <br />oc cupied and functioning that <br />residents may b e stimulated by <br />evident need to provide further <br />enhancements. <br />Meanwhile, Town Manager Os - <br />car Butt has a li st of objects <br />which are particularly needed. <br />He can be reached at 948-7411. <br />Conversations are confidential <br />and gifts may be anonymously <br />give n. A number have been so <br />made. All gifts are tax deductible.