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TOWN RBPDRTBR <br />TOWN OF PARADISE VALLEY <br />VOLUME 4, NO. 1 <br />,,Heed not registef <br />said Justice llehng~ist <br />Registration for voting in town <br />electio ns in the State of Arizona <br />is not necessary, in the opinion of <br />William H. Rehnquist, now Mr. <br />Justice Rehnquist of the United <br />States Supreme Court. <br />Mr. Rehnquist submitted the <br />opinion to the Town of Paradise <br />Valley when he was attorney for <br />the Town, a n appointment h e h eld <br />as a civic service for four years. <br />Under this opinion anyone who <br />is a resident of the State of Arizona <br />for one year and who has been a <br />resident of the Town for s ix <br />months, and who is 18 years of age, <br />is qualified to vote in a town or <br />county election. <br />In rendering hi s opinion for the <br />Town, Mr. Rehnquist wrote that <br />registration was unnecessary, <br />"only t h at a person be qualified to <br />register. A person who meets the <br />above requirements may vote in a <br />town election even though he is <br />not registered." <br />Candidates listed in this Reporter <br />A photograph of 13 candi- <br />dates for the Town Council <br />and a li st of those who have <br />filed for the primary election <br />on February 23 starts on page <br />six. Each candidate was in- <br />vited to provide a statement <br />about himse lf, limited to 50 <br />words, a considerabl e handi- <br />cap. <br />Registered voters will vote <br />at Town Hall from 6 a .m . to <br />7 p.m., February 23. <br />1 <br />6325 NORTH INVERGORDON ROAD <br />PARADISE VALLEY, ARIZONA 85253 <br />WINTER 1972 <br />New town te lep hon e numbers <br />(February l, 1972) <br />Town Hall <br />Police EMERGENCY <br />Police Information <br />Fire EMERGENCY <br />Building Ins pector <br />Trash (Parks & Son) <br />948-7412 <br />262-3121 <br />948-7410 <br />945-3111 <br />948-7411 <br />943-8137