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TOWN RBPDRTBR <br />TOWN OF PARADISE VALLEY <br />VOLUME 4, NO. 3 <br />Town Hall construction to start soon <br />If present schedules are fo l - <br />lowed the Town of Paradise Val- <br />ley will occupy its new Town Hall <br />by July of next year. Plans for the <br />$175,000 building are subject on- <br />ly to a lterations in minor details. <br />The building will be on the site <br />purchased by the Town on t he <br />so utheast corner of Lincoln D rive <br />a n d Invergordon. T he structure <br />will provide 6,672 square fe e t of <br />work space. <br />The Building Committee of <br />which Ho norary M ayor Jack B. <br />Huntress is chairman, will soon <br />announ ce a sub-committee for <br />gifts to the Town Hall. Certain <br />rooms will be designated which a <br />donor may contribute as a mem- <br />oria l or as an appreciation for the <br />Town. Furnishing may also be <br />donated . It is the committee's in- <br />tention that any town family <br />which wishes to do so may make a <br />donation and receive recognition <br />for it. <br />Serving with Mr. Huntress on <br />the committee are Mrs. Philip von <br />Ammon, Oscar C . P almer, Lester <br />C. Naumann, Town M anager Jack <br />P hillips a nd Mayor Robert Trib- <br />ken. <br />As indicated in the illustration, <br />continue d on page 4 <br />6325 NORTH INVERGORDON ROAD <br />PARADISE VALLEY, ARIZONA 85253 <br />FALL 19 72 <br />Council to consider Town water company; other services <br />The possibility of new town <br />services, particularly a town <br />ow ned and operated water <br />company, is li ke ly to h ave <br />serious consideration by the <br />Town Council. The recent <br />prolonged contamination of <br />some water supplied by <br />Mockingbird Water Com - <br />pany fo llowing the June 22 <br />storm and the break in the <br />dike which is maintained by <br />Bernei l Water Company h as <br />indicated to some councilmen <br />that the Town itself might <br />better provide this service. <br />Other services under con- <br />sideration are fir e protection <br />and trash collection. <br />Other water company com- <br />plaints include co ld water in <br />some areas that runs hot in <br />s ummer; in s ome instances <br />too hot for a comfortable <br />shower. Complain ts have a lso <br />been made about the poor <br />l andscapin g provided for un- <br />sigh t ly water tanks. The high <br />water rates in some sections <br />have also drawn protests. <br />1 <br />In addition to the two com- <br />panies above, principal water <br />suppli ers to Town residents <br />are the City of Phoenix; the <br />Paradise Valley Water Com- <br />pany, a s ub sidia r y of the huge <br />American Water Works Com- <br />pany; a nd the tiny Mummy <br />Mountain Water Company. <br />The Town h as a u t hority to <br />co ndemn a utility in the pub- <br />li c interest. Some communi- <br />ties in the Valley, notably <br />Mesa, have eliminated a ll <br />property taxes because of rev- <br />enue from utilities.