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TOWN RBPDRTBR <br />TOWN OF PARADISE VALLEY <br />VOLUME 3, NO. 1 <br />CAMELBACK DESERT SCHOOL YOUNGSTERS WORK AND PLAY page 8 <br />Fire hydrant program moves ahead <br />A plan which may lead to in- <br />creased fire protection for resi- <br />dents of t he Town is being pro- <br />po sed by the Paradise Valley <br />Water Company under its new <br />manager Robert O'Leary. In es- <br />sence, the plan provides for gr adu- <br />al exte ns ion of fire hydrant <br />service to those residents who <br />wa nt them in the area served by <br />the compa ny in t h e Town, North <br />Phoenix a nd Scottsdale . Function- <br />in g fir e h yd rants a re considered <br />to be prime protection against <br />major fires. The service would <br />be provided at actual cost. <br />The plan for Paradise Valley <br />continued on page JO <br />1 <br />6325 NORTH INVERGORDON ROAD <br />PARAD ISE VALLEY, AR IZONA 85253 <br />SPRING 1971 <br />Undergrounding action <br />arouses Town concern <br />A key ordinance to advance <br />the implementation of under- <br />grounding of major utility lines in <br />the Town is now being given care- <br />ful study by the Town Council <br />and the Arizona Public Service <br />Company. The Council on the one <br />hand is de termined to insure that <br />eventually so me 90 percent of <br />existing lines will go under- <br />ground. All Councilmen have <br />expressed deep co nce rn: Oscar C. <br />Palmer, Sr.; Richard B. Crook, <br />Stanley J. Kleban, Harold A. <br />Donegan, Jr. and Henry D. Pen- <br />field. <br />The utility company is now con- <br />cerned with whether the Town has <br />the right to force additional lines <br />undergro und. The public service <br />company is enthusiastically advo- <br />cati ng undergrounding. However, <br />what is at stake is the company's <br />right to raise rates if it turns <br />out that the Town does not have <br />the a uthority to enforce further <br />undergrounding. <br />This is a pretty complicated <br />s ituation and one which is strain- <br />in g legal minds to resolve fairly. <br />What troubles lay townspeople is <br />the recollection of last summer <br />when taller and larger utility poles <br />were strung along MacDonald <br />Drive, and carrying higher capa- <br />city wires. In their lay opinion <br />these poles were not simple re- <br />continued on page 11