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TOWN RBPDRTBR <br />TOWN OF PARADISE VALLEY 6325 NORTH INVERGORDON ROAD <br />PARADISE VALLEY, AR IZONA 85253 <br />VOLUME 3, NO. 2 <br />Town threatened <br />by dog leash law <br />The rismg number of com- <br />plaints to t h e Town Council about <br />actions of uncontrolled dogs which <br />roam variou s neighborhoods of <br />the Town requires urgent and ser- <br />io us consideration of a dog leash <br />law. Such a law, difficult and ex- <br />p ensiv e to administer and enforce, <br />may n everth eless afford protection <br />to residents who are now s ubject <br />to biting as well as less :serious <br />nuisances by uncontroll ed and <br />usually poorly t rained dogs . <br />In the words of one incensed res- <br />ident : "Townspeople buy puppies <br />and then fondle them rather than <br />train them. If the average child <br />was as neglected as almost all <br />dogs in learning the rudiments of <br />goo d citizenship there would be <br />incessant calls for the SPCA and <br />the juvenile authorities. People <br />so mehow believe dogs train them- <br />s elves. They don't." <br />Another resident points out that <br />properly trained animals will be <br />s ubject to fal se complaints by <br />neighbors who simply don't like <br />any dogs. <br />If proper t raining is the answer <br />there is need for a lot of it. <br />Jill (Mrs. Barry ) Spack demon- <br />s trates one method of protecting <br />neighbor's property agains t one of <br />the co mmonest compla in ts about <br />do gs whi ch are permitted to roam <br />continued on page 7 <br />FALL 19 71 <br />Mayor Jack B. Huntress points southeast on new Town <br />Hall location for Vice Mayor Rob ert Tribken, City Mana- <br />ger Jack Phillips and Planning, Zoning Commission Chair- <br />man Fr e d Fleenor. <br />Aim for attractiveness at Town Hall site <br />After years of mulling ov e r <br />vario us proposals -including a <br />co mplete mini-shopping ce n ter - <br />for a Town Hall, a property with- <br />in yard s of t he present headquart- <br />ers has been decided u pon and <br />bo ught. The site at the so utheast <br />co rner of Invergordon and Lin- <br />co ln consists of about four and a <br />quarter acres and cost $37 ,500. <br />The town staff is now planning <br />needs for office faci li ties, co unc il <br />chambers, a mecha nical equipmen t <br />yard and for ex pansion needs. <br />Mayor Huntress has asked the <br />1 <br />Planning and Zonin g Commi ss ion <br />to cons id er t h e problem and make <br />recom mendations to the Council. <br />Its chairman, Architect Fred Flee- <br />n or, sees it as a "graceful, qui et <br />and relaxin g place with indigenous <br />landscaping so t hat maintenance <br />is sli ght." Mr. Flee nor visu a li zes a <br />comp lex of buil dings aesthetically <br />grouped around an outdoo r area <br />with fountains. It mi ght have <br />space for a small library and a <br />postal s ubstation. He conce ives <br />an inviting place where people can <br />gather round for a few minutes of <br />neighborly goss ip.