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TDIN RBPDRTBR <br />TOWN OF PARADISE VALLEY <br />\"OLU;\lE 2 N'O. 1 <br />Zoning ordinances baf fie residents <br />Inquiries at Town Hall indicate <br />that many residents are baffled by <br />an apparent inconsistency between <br />the one-acre, one-residence zoning <br />principle and the cluster zoning <br />ordinance which was adopted four <br />years ago after long study. <br />In fact there is no conflict. <br />Councilmen who made the deci- <br />sion to permit cluster zoning real- <br />ized that it is ·an exceedingly re- <br />strictive ordinance. In four years <br />no fonnal request has been made <br />for this zoning . It was, in fact, de- <br />signed to increase the open space <br />appearance of the Town, rather <br />than reduce it. Further, it was de- <br />signed to make that open space <br />more useful, as well as more decor- <br />ative for the Town as a whole. <br />Even so , the cluster zoning priv- <br />ilege was not to be extended gen- <br />erally throughout the Town, <br />though many argued that it should <br />be. The ordinance limits cluster <br />zoning <br />1 to preserve areas which have <br />natural features of scenic <br />beauty of significance to the <br />general public, <br />2 to provide greater than nor- <br />mal residential setbacks from <br />heavily travelled streets with- <br />out reducing the number of <br />residential lots that might <br />otherwise be created. <br />As recently recalled, Council <br />reasoning also included these <br />points: <br />I ZONING HEARINGS <br />On Feb. 12 Town Council <br />will consider two pertinent <br />zoning cases: Camelback <br />Club Estates rezoning around <br />new golf course and repeal of <br />the cluster ordinance. Kiva <br />School Auditorium 7:30 p.m. <br />On Feb. 17 Planning & <br />Zoning Commission will con- <br />sider proposals for revising <br />the cluster ordinance. Town <br />Hall 8 p .m. <br />1 single acre zoning can become <br />as monotonous as half acre or <br />quarter acre zoning. It is sim - <br />ply bigger. <br />2 the Town does not contem- <br />plate providing park or re- <br />creation facilities, though <br />many residents believe this is <br />a part of community living <br />and an important municipal <br />function. <br />3 if a group of people wished to <br />join in a project and contri- <br />bute land toward a private <br />park and recreation facilities, <br />and pay for their upkeep, the <br />Town would enhance oppor- <br />tunities for enjoyable living <br />by permitting them to do so . <br />By contributing portions of <br />their acre property to such <br />purpose the principle of one <br />continued on page 8 <br />1 <br />6325 NORTH INVERGORDON ROAD <br />PARADISE VALLEY , ARIZONA 85253 <br />WINTER 1970 <br />Post office may be <br />in deep freeze <br />The location for a new post of· <br />fice in Paradise Valley has been <br />chosen, but at the moment any <br />construction is locked up by a fed- <br />eral order restricting expenditures <br />and thus to curb inflation. When <br />built the post office will be located <br />on the southwest corner of Quail <br />Run Road and Lincoln Drive, sub- <br />ject to a special use permit. This <br />is all sort of hush-hush because <br />people in federal service avoid the <br />hazards of conjecture, sometimes <br />to the point of confirming that <br />rain is wet. But it seems likely at <br />this moment. <br />Cites Growth Figures <br />In support of his request for <br />the new station, Scottsdale Post- <br />master 0. C. Wilson cites the fol- <br />lowing growth figures: <br />1949 -six employees, no city <br />carriers, 3,000 popula- <br />tion, receipts $34,566. <br />1959 -65 employees, 2 rural, <br />22 city routes, 7 ve- <br />hicles, 40,000 popula- <br />tion, receipts $398,595. <br />1969 -221 employees, 1 rural, <br />81 city routes, 88 ve- <br />hicles, 103,000 popula- <br />tion, receipts $2 .5 mil- <br />lion. <br />Although postal rates have <br />doubled in this period and a single <br />Continued on page 2