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TOWN RBPDRTBR <br />TOWN OF PARADISE VALLEY <br />VOLUME 2 NO, 2 <br />Marshal's report encouraging <br />Although not many Town resi- <br />dents are aware of the annual re- <br />port of the Town Marshal, almost <br />every resident is intimately con- <br />cerned with what is happening be- <br />hind the rows of statistics. There <br />has, for instance, been a sharp <br />drop in the past year in traffic in- <br />juries to residents and visitors. <br />This is in clear contrast with the <br />mounting traffic and resulting ac- <br />cidents. <br />The reduction in burglaries is <br />also encouraging. Every household- <br />er is aware of threats to his prop- <br />erty and person and the implica- <br />tion of rising insurance rates else- <br />where. Awareness of the services <br />of the marshal's office -and its <br />heightened effectiveness -are re- <br />flected in vacation house checks. <br />More and more residents file vaca- <br />tion plans with the marshal's office <br />to insure continuing vigilance. <br />Resident Awareness <br />This resident awareness is one <br />of the important intangibles in ef - <br />fective police service. When a small <br />community such as Paradise Val- <br />l ey is alert to simple precautions <br />the chance of preventing crime - <br />and traffic violations -are in- <br />creased enormously. <br />Crime prevention is also height- <br />Continued on page 2 <br />Town Citations <br />up 144% in year <br />The increase in citations <br />issued by the marshal's office <br />was 144 percent in 1969 fol- <br />lowing the adoption of Vascar <br />speed detection and addition <br />of two deputies to the Mar- <br />shal's staff. <br />Total fines levied were <br />$~8,907, an increase of 127 <br />percent. <br />Town Marshal Lester C. <br />Naumann reported that the <br />number of criminal calls was <br />also up sharply for the year <br />with 1,603 compared with <br />1,246, an increase of 28 per- <br />cent. However, the number of <br />criminal arrests declined to <br />64 from 71. The number of <br />stolen automobiles recovered <br />nearly doubled. There was a <br />drop in the number of bur- <br />glaries but a rise in the num- <br />ber of thefts. <br />More than half of all auto- <br />mobile accidents -55 per- <br />cent -occurred on just sev- <br />en streets: Lincoln Drive, <br />Mockingbird Lane, MacDon- <br />ald Drive, Palo Cristi, Stan- <br />ford Drive, Jackrabbit Road <br />and Invergordon Road. <br />1 <br />6325 NORTH INVERGORDON ROAD <br />PARADISE VALLEY, ARIZONA 85253 <br />SPRING 1970 <br />Under grounding <br />for neighborhoods <br />Groups of neighbors in Paradise <br />Valley may now organize to put <br />electric utility lines underground <br />and then take as much as 15 years <br />to pay the cost. The current in- <br />terest rate for financing under- <br />grounding is six percent. <br />The state legislature passed en- <br />abling legislation in 1968, but few <br />residents are aware that this privi- <br />lege is open to them, an informal <br />check revealed. <br />Costs Computed <br />Any group of neighbors may <br />form Underground Conversion <br />Areas. All that is required is that <br />60 percent of the property owners <br />holding at least 60 percent of the <br />property agree to formation of the <br />association. When a petition con- <br />taining the required signatures is <br />presented to the telephone and <br />power utilities, they will within 120 <br />days provide a detailed statement <br />of costs. <br />When costs have been approved <br />and the requisite proportion of <br />property owners have agreed, then <br />the Arizona Corporation Commis- <br />sion holds a hearing. In this hear- <br />ing all details of the transaction <br />are worked out. The underground <br />Continued on page 8