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TDIN REPORTER <br />TOWN OF PARADISE VALLEY <br />VOLUME 1 NO. 1 <br />Tennis Ban ch plans fall opening <br />After years of believing that <br />so m ething of excell ence would <br />eventually be created on the moun- <br />tain site, Town of Paradise Va ll ey <br />residents may soo n rate for them- <br />se lv es the su ccessor to the old <br />Paradise Valley Racquet Club. <br />John G ardiner's T ennis Ranch <br />on Camelback is expect ed to be <br />ready for opening on the 5600 <br />block of MacDonnld Drive by mid- <br />Decernber. In a few days the first <br />models of 41 cas itas should he <br />9ompJ e t e d for whic h construction <br />pe rmits have been iss u ed at <br />$23,000 each. <br />The property will be ba sically <br />what its nam e says, a tennis ranch, <br />where tennis players are raised and <br />dev eloped and p erhaps pampered <br />and fattened in the process. For <br />some years Mr. Gardiner, one of <br />the country's outst a nding and en- <br />during t ennis players, has operated <br />a se rious and success ful tennis <br />ranch in California, not far from <br />Del Monte. <br />On a basis not yet d etermined, <br />say developers Willi a m O'Brien <br />and Vik Jackson, The Town of <br />Paradise Valley residents may be- <br />come m embe rs and have access t o <br />club facilities. These promise to <br />6325 NORTH INVERGORDON ROAD <br />PARADISE VALLEY, ARIZONA 85253 <br />FALL 1969 <br />be alluring. Four new courts are <br />be in g built plus a trainj_:n g build- <br />in g, two n ew small swimming <br />pools and a sauna b a th. The pres- <br />ent clubhouse and swimming pool <br />are b eing extensively remodeled . <br />The dining room will continue to <br />have one of the most rewarding <br />views in the Vall ey. <br />The casita units will provide the <br />basic livin g facilities, though the <br />Town has a lso approved 1 2 larger <br />homes called "casas". Each <br />"casita" will have two bedrooms, <br />two baths, living room a nd bal- <br />cony and is so designed that a <br />Continue on page 6 <br />New Past Off ice <br />will serve Town Population gomg up <br />A new post office t o serv e the <br />Town of Parad ise Valley a nd ad- <br />jacent Scottsdale a reas between <br />Chaparral Road and Shea Boule- <br />vard, is in the planning and site <br />se lection stage. A loca tion h as not <br />been decided upon but sites in <br />Scottsdale north of MacDonald <br />Drive and in Paradise Valley are be- <br />ing consid e r ed. Constru cti ng the <br />building is not expected t o be de- <br />layed by the recent cut back on <br />federal building. <br />The n ew building will be a <br />Continue o n page 5 <br />The popula ti o n of the Town <br />of Paradise Valley was 6,46 0 <br />inApril,according to es timates <br />b y the Maricopa County Plann- <br />in g Departme nt. <br />This places Paradise Valley <br />at the top of the fastest grow- <br />in g co mmunities in the County <br />with a grow th es timated at 40 <br />percent since the s p ecia l cen - <br />su s in November 196 5 . The <br />only c ity to approach this in <br />the metropolitan area is Mesa, <br />which also h a d 40 percent. <br />Tempe was n ex t with 30 per- <br />ce nt. Scottsdale has registered <br />2 0 percent; Peo ria and Glen- <br />dal e following with 19 and 17 <br />percent. <br />Phoe ni x's growt h is sma ll <br />by this m eth od of measure- <br />me nt -onl y seven percent, <br />but its numerical population <br />growt h represents abo ut si x <br />tim es the size of Paradise <br />Valley. Compa r ed with other <br />large citi es, the percentage <br />growth of Phoenix is hu ge.