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August 14th <br />1967 <br />9 <br />TOWN CF <br />F!lt!DISE V!LLEY <br />6325 NORTH INVERGORDON ROAD <br />TOWN OF PARADI SE VALLEY , ARIZONA 85251 <br />Dear Resident of the Town of Paradise Valley: <br />There have been many significant developments in your Town this <br />year and we would like to report them to you in summary form. <br />POSTAL ADDRESS -All residents of the Town of <br />CHANGE Paradise Valley, plus some <br />adjoining County residents, are now being served <br />----------by--t"~~-esaare Post OTf .1.ce. T."'"h ~e~r~e,..,.f....,o~r~e~, -cet1h=~e~----------- <br />mai ling address for ALL of our residents is either <br />Town of Paradise Valley -85251, or Scottsdale - <br />85251, whichever you choose. (Either address will <br />reach you --it all depends on which one you want <br />to use). <br />Our next move is to get a Town of Paradise Valley <br />Post Office with its own service trucks to speed <br />up our daily mail deliveries. In the meantime, <br />we have a postal station in our Town Hall where <br />you can mail packages, register letters and pur- <br />chase stamps. <br />15 MILES OF -The Town has paved or resurfaced <br />ROADS PAVED a total of fifteen (15) miles of <br />thoroughfares totaling over $65,000.00. The major <br />streets improved were Stanford, Palo Christi, In- <br />vergordon, MacDonald, Mockingbird, Lincoln, Indian <br />Bend and Jackrabbit. This year's budget includes <br />another $60,000.00 for street improvements (beyond <br />patching and grading) since one of our major goals <br />is to have smooth, well paved roads in all heavily <br />traveled areas. <br />Our general policy on roads is to take care of the <br />paving and patching of our thoroughfares, while <br />the paving of both neighborhood feeder and residen- <br />tial roads is the responsibility of the adjoining <br />property owners as it is in Phoenix, and in other <br />communities, even with taxation. <br />-Another prime objective of your NOW -FOUR <br />DEPUTY <br />MARSHALS <br />for your <br />Town Council is to provide highly <br />trained personnel as police officers <br />protection. Our Town Marshal, Lester C.