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September 20th <br />1966 <br />Dear Resident: <br />TOWN CF <br />PARADISE VALLEY <br />63 2 5 NORTH INVERGORDON ROAD <br />SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA 85251 <br />Telephone <br />947-7744 <br />We would like to report to you on the progress of your Town <br />since our "state-of-affairs" letter of a year ago. <br />INCR EASED SE RVICES <br />In addition to the Branch Post Office located in our Town Hall <br />at the southeast corner of Invergordon Road and Lincoln Drive, <br />we now have a - <br />• MOBILE LIBRARY furnished by Maricopa County. This <br />Library is in front of our Town Hall every other Wed- <br />nesday (starting with the first Wednesday in September) <br />from 2:00 P.M. till 4:15 P.M. and may be used by any <br />resident of the Town of Paradise Valley without charge • <br />• SUMMER RECREATIONAL PROGRAM. The Town supported and <br />directed a nine (9) weeks' Summer Recreational Program <br />five (5) days a week for grade school children a t Kiva <br />School at a total charge of only five ($5.00) dollars <br />per child or a maximum of ten ($10.00) dollars per <br />family, Two hundred and forty-two (242) children en - <br />rolled in this program which offere d - <br />Indoor and Outdoor Sports <br />Arts and Crafts <br />Drama <br />Model Building <br />Dancing <br />With continued interest and similar cooperation we plan to spon- <br />sor another children's recreational summer program in 1967 • <br />• POLICE WATCH ON UNOCCUPIED HOMES. Now that we have three <br />(3) Marshals on our Police Force, and two (2} patrol cars, <br />we are able to check on your home while you are aw ay . To <br />avail yourself of this service just drop in at our Town <br />Hall and fill out a brief form which our Town Clerk, Mrs. <br />Helen Marston, will g l adly supply. <br />And should you ever have need of the police, day or ni ght , please <br />call AL 8-6941 which is the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office. The <br />Sheriff's Office has direct radio contact with our cars, as well <br />1