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TDWN DF <br />F!R!DISE V!LL EY <br />6 3 2 5 NORTH IN V ERG O RD O N ROAD <br />SCOTTSD A LE, AR I ZO N A 85 2 51 <br />Octobe r 15th <br />1 9 6 5 <br />Dear Re sident of the Town of Paradise Valley: <br />Your Town Council wants to inform you of the major r e cent <br />governmenta l developments whi c h have taken place in your <br />Town . We b e lieve that communication with all our residents <br />is essential to responsive, efficient governrr..ent. <br />1 -On June 14, 1965, an additional 340 acre area <br />(west of Tatum Boulevard and south of Clearwater Hills was annexed to the Town of Para- <br />dise Valley . This annexation, like all of our <br />previous ones, was the result of a petition <br />brought to the Council by a clear majori ty of <br />the prop e rty own e rs involved. Our total land <br />area now stands at 8,618 acres with a total <br />property evaluation of $9 ,657,721000 and an <br />estimated population of 6,000 residents . (We <br />have requested a special u. s . Census to be <br />taken this fall to determine our exact popula- <br />tion). <br />2 -On August 31, 1965, your Town Council gave final <br />approval to a $140 ,045 .00 budget for 1965-66 •••• <br />the largest annual expenditure the Town has pro - <br />jected in its 4 year history. Not one dollar of <br />these monies comes from property taxation by <br />your Town nor does your Town plan future taxa- <br />tion •••• it is our goal to limit our expenditures <br />to our regular income which comes from our pro - <br />portionate share of the State sales tax, in-lieu <br />tax and gasoline tax plus revenues from our build- <br />ing, electrical and plumbing fee permits along <br />with income from Arizona Public Service (due to a <br />franchise) and from traffic fines . The items of <br />major interest in our new budg et are : <br />A -ROADS . We are now in a position to analyze <br />in d etail our total r o ad ne e ds and project <br />a 5 -year p l an . For 1965-66 a sum of $40,000 . <br />has been allotted for Stre et Maintenance <br />(28% of the total Budget). Our road policy <br />is that the Town is responsible for the