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:lawn <br />7 own 1tatt ':l)edieation and teetion !J J J«e <br />Vol. 3, Iss ue 2 Gwen Dew Buchanan, Editor March 1964 <br />TO THE PEOPLE OF PARADISE <br />"You a r e i nvited to atte n d the d e d i cati on and ope n <br />house of our Town Hall on Sunday. March 15. from 2:30 to <br />4:30 p.m .• a i 6325 N . I nvergordon. <br />"On t h at d ay w e would lik e to w elcome-e v ery resid ent <br />of the Tow n o f P aradise Valley t o t he ceremonies. We <br />want you to inspect the build i n g which houses the gove rn- <br />ing funct ions of our commun i t y. to m e e t t h e t own officials <br />who give so much time and e f fort to civic serv ice. a nd to <br />t alk to t he n e w c a ndidates for e lec tion t o the Council . <br />.. All busin ess p e rtaining t o the t own. Coun c il meeti ngs, <br />financial m atte-rs. are h andled in t h is buil ding. where H e l e n <br />Marston, Town Cle rk. pres ides. <br />"At 4 o'clock there will be a fl ag raising c e remony un- <br />der the direction of L t . Commander Carroll Jack Marston, <br />U.S.N .• a nd we will dedicate t he Town Hall t o the service <br />of the r esidents of t h e T o w n o f P a radise Valley:• <br />Sign ed: <br />;Jach 8 . "Ji«ntzetJtJ M ayor <br />* * * <br />ALMOST THREE <br />Does it seem possible t h at the Town is now almost three <br />years old? A nd that in back of that period lies many years <br />of work b y individuals and the Paradise Valley Impro ve- <br />ment A ssociation to bring us to the status we n ow hold? <br />W e all cam e t o P aradise because we like space and <br />peace and friendliness. This dedication a nd o pen house will <br />give you an opportunity to meet your neighbors, y our offi- <br />cials, and to see how Our Town has grown . <br />Put it in your datebook -that on Sunday, M arch 15, <br />you are invited to meet Jac k B. Huntress, Mayor; Mrs. <br />Helen Marston, Town Clerk; Council members: George W . <br />Andrews, L eonard Deehan, S amuel E . Hoover, E . Robert <br />Tribk en, John F . J e nnings and Wal ter Ong; Hugh Milligan, <br />chairman of the P lannin g and Zon ing Commission ; Peter <br />J. Wegner, director of Civ il Defense; J uni Hart, Town In- <br />spector; and other T own officials. <br />The wives of these men who have devoted so much time <br />to our T own will a l so be guests of hon or. <br />In addition, all of the new candidates for office will be <br />present so that you c an meet, talk and questiorr them if <br />you will. These will include Dr. Henry C . Cooper, Major <br />Joseph E. Murphy, Joseph T . Prekup, Harold J. Sandy, <br />W. P . Willson, P hilip E . vonAmmon. <br />Mrs. L eon ard Deehan is chairman of the op,e.'.l house <br />festivities, with a committee of Mesdames George W . An- <br />drews, H arold Holcomb, John F . Jennings, Henry C. Coo- <br />per, Helen Marston. Gwen D ew Buchanan, E. Robe rt Trib- <br />ken, Samuel E . Hoo v er. and W a lter Ong. <br />* * * <br />FLAG RAI S I NG <br />Al though the flag has b een flying over the T own Hall <br />since November, this will be the official dedication . (A s <br />you recall, the November ceremony was cancelled due to <br />the national period of mourning.) <br />The flag raising will take place at 4 o'clock , under the <br />direction of Lt. Commander Carroll J ack M arston, U.S.N., <br />who is P roduction a n d Planning Officer at L itchfield Nava l <br />Air Faci lities, and son o f T own Clerk Helen Mars t o n . The r e <br />will b e an honor guard and a short ceremony of dedication <br />by the R ev. Henry B. G etz of St. Barnabas Episcopal Church <br />on the D esert. <br />Mrs. J uni H art, wife of the T own Inspector, gave the <br />flag, which had been given her by the United S tates gov- <br />ernme nt in honor of the memory of her son. P eter J . Weg- <br />ner donated the flag pole. The Arizona flags were give n b y <br />Mrs. J ames Hanley a nd her sister, Miss H e l e n Zim merman . <br />T his is Your T own H all, a nd Your Town ... so come <br />o ne, come all! <br />* * * <br />WHO WILL S ijRVE YOU? <br />T he time of d i s ion has come once again to Paradise <br />Valley, and on M rch 30 there will be a pri mary election. <br />P olls will be open at the T own Hall, 6325 N . lnvergordon , <br />from 6 a .m. to 7 .m . The seven candidat e s recei ving the <br />highest number of votes (providing they are a majority), <br />w ill be elected to he council. In case of tie votes for the <br />seventh highest c ndi dates, or if seven candidates do not <br />receive a majority vote there will be a general election in <br />thir ty days for th <br />1 <br />se involved. <br />The affidavi t ertaining to t h e election states: "I do <br />solemnly swear th t I am a qualified voter and that I have <br />resided in the To n of Paradise Valley, Arizona, for six <br />months p receding he election; or that I resided in an area <br />s ix m0nths which was annexed at least thirty days pre- <br />cedin g the electio " <br />* * * INSPECTION F BALLOTS <br />"The town cle shall prepare and p rovide b a llots con- <br />taining the names f a ll persons whose certificates of nomi- <br />n atio n s have b ee filed with them: the ballots shall be <br />printed and read for inspection b y the candidates and <br />their agents at lea t 5 days b efore a town election." (16-841 <br />A .RS.) <br />* * * FINANCIAL S ATEMENTS <br />"The common ouncil shall, at least ten days before the <br />biennial election, ublish in a newspaper publis h ed in the <br />town, or if there i none, t hen post in th ree or more public <br />places in the t o n , a full and correct statement of all <br />monies received · to the treasury of the t own s ince the <br />l ast r eport, a nd tisource from w hich t hey were severally <br />derived. and also fall disbursements and the e xpe nditures <br />and the account on which the disbursement was made." <br />(9-246 A.RS.) <br />* * * <br />THESE ARE T E MEN <br />T he following outlines a r e based on information fur- <br />nished by the ca didates, and .:re present e d impartially <br />a n d in alphabetic order. <br />This material presented in the hopes it will make it <br />p ossible for you o choose t he men who will best make <br />t he d ecision s reg rding The Town of Paradise Valley for <br />the following tw years. <br />DR. HENRY W . C OPER. 5527 N. 69th P l ace <br />Came t o Para ise Valley from New P rov i dence, New <br />Jersey, three a n a half years ago. He is manager of <br />Process Applicati ns at Motorola Semiconductor Products <br />Division . Has b ee on the Z oning Commission for two and <br />on e -half years a secretary a nd present vice c h airman. <br />Counsellor for reers for Y outh, Yo ung Scient ist s of <br />Ame rica, Kiva Sc ool T.P. Club affiliat ion s: Arizon a R e p er- <br />tory T heater, Ph nix Chamber Music Societ y, fou n der of <br />S .P .D . Gun Clu . Member American Physical Society, <br />American lnstit u e of Metallurgical Engin eers a n d other <br />p rofess ional socie ies. Gradua t e of City College of N ew <br />York. doctors de ree from Carnegie Institute of T echnol- <br />ogy. Lis t ed in "W o's Who in the West." T wo c hild ren. <br />LEONARD W. DEEHAN. 6305 N. Mockin g b ird L a .n e <br />B .S . degree from Oklahoma A a nd M College. Now an <br />engin eer at Sperry Phoenix Company. Was born in Brock- <br />ton , Massachusetts. A res ide nt of Paradise Valley for seven <br />year s. Mr. Deehan was a member of the Plann ing a nd <br />Zo ning Commission for on e year. He i s interes ted in flyi ng. <br />and a member of the Camelback T oastmasters Club. Three <br />childr e n . At present a member of the P aradise Valley T own <br />Council. <br />SAMUELE. HOOVER. 5629 E . J osh u a Tree Roa d <br />B orn in M inneapolis. Minnesota. Atte nded St. Johns <br />Military Academy, D elafield, Wisconsin, and the Univer- <br />sity of Oklahoma. S erved as field artillery officer i n Japan