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:Jown fll- <br />Vol. 3, Issue I Gwen Dew Buchanan, Editor November 1963 <br />Hear Ye All The <br />YOU ARE INVITED! <br />"Members of the Town Council of the Town of Paradise <br />Valley wish to extend an invitation to every resident to <br />attend the dedication of our new Town Hall on Sunday, <br />November 24, from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. <br />"We are proud to have such fine new headquarters, as <br />this indicates another step forward in the growth of our <br />town. We are especially grateful to those in the past who <br />have given us space for our Town Hall, namely Mrs. <br />Helen E. Marston, Town Clerk, and John Bonnell, former <br />head of the Planning and Zoning Board. <br />"We are holding open house so that you can meet your <br />town officials, as well as inspect our new home. <br />"At 4 o'clock there will be a flag raising ceremony <br />under the direction of Lieutenant Commander Carroll <br />Jack Marston, U. S. N ., and we will dedicate the new Town <br />Hall to the service of the residents of the Town of Paradise <br />Valley." <br />Signed: <br />/ B. .Aun/.?1,e,U Mayor <br />*** WE REACH MATURITY <br />From the time the Paradise Valley Improvement Assoc- <br />iation started its work years ago, on through the attempts <br />to get the necessary legal appro val, to its establishment <br />as an incorporated town on May 24, 196 1, there has been <br />an orderly and planned expansion. <br />No step has been taken without careful consideration <br />of cost. No community should live beyond its means, <br />and that our town has not done. But it's a wonderful thing <br />to know we have now attained the status of maturity with <br />our own Town Hall. <br />THE TOWN HALL <br />Standing on a large plot of land, our new Town Hall <br />has had an interesting history, for it was in this building <br />that both the Valley Presbyterian Church and Saint Bar- <br />nabas Episcopal Church met at their inception. Mrs. <br />Dwight D. Eisenhower, then wife of the president of the <br />United States, attended the Presbyterian services here. <br />For a while it was an art gallery, and Lew and Mathilde <br />Davis had an art school in it. <br />The building fits the desert background very well, and <br />in appearance it adapts itself admirably for the purpose <br />of a Town Hall. It is adobe a nd is painted in the early <br />territorial Arizona pink. Inside there are offices, a meet- <br />ing hall, storage space -and room to grow. <br />Located between Lincoln and MacDonald at 6325 N. <br />Invergordon, it is centrally located. And the phone <br />number is 947-4379. It is indeed a fine place for the Town <br />Hall of Paradise Valley. <br />People Of Paradise! <br />2 l/2 ANNIVERSARY <br />Our 21/2 birthday seems a fine time to introduce res- <br />idents of our valley to the hardworking Council members <br />and department heads. <br />So on November 24th you are invited to meet Mayor <br />Jack B. Huntress; Mrs. Helen Marston, Town Clerk; Coun- <br />cil members, George W. Andrews, Leonard Deehan, Sam- <br />uel E. Hoover, E. Robert Tribken, John F. Jennings and <br />Walter Ong; Hugh Milligan, chairman of the Planning <br />and Zoning Commission; Alexander Raisin, chairman of <br />the Adjustment Board; Juni Hart, Town Inspector; Peter J. <br />Wegner, Road Commissioner; Lester C. Naumann, Town <br />Marshall. <br />The wives of these men who have spent so much time <br />on our town's business and development will also be <br />guests of honor. <br />The committee in charge of arrangements will be Mrs. <br />Leonard Deehan, chairman; Mrs. John F. Jennings, Mrs. <br />Samuel Hoover, Mrs. Helen E. Marston, and Mrs. Gwen <br />Dew Buchanan. <br />FLAG RAISING <br />It will be an important moment in the life of the Town <br />of Paradise Valley when the official raising of the Amer- <br />ican and Arizona flags takes place at 4:00 o'clock, under <br />the direction of Lt. Commander Carroll Jack Marston, <br />U. S. N., who is Production and Planning Officer at Litch- <br />field Naval Air Facilities. There will be an honor guard <br />and a short ceremony of dedication. <br />Peter J. Wegner donated the flag pole and had it erect- <br />ed. Mrs. Juni Hart, wife of the Town Inspector, gave the <br />American flag, which had been presented to her by the <br />government in memory of her son. <br />A gracious gift of Arizona flags for the council meeting <br />room and for the flag pole was made by Mrs. James Han- <br />ley and her sister, Miss He len Zimmerman, Valley resi- <br />dents. <br />We hope you will be present a t this dedication cere- <br />mony, for this is Your Town Hall and Your Town! <br />DON'T FORGET <br />It would be impossible to list all of the dedicated people <br />who helped conceive our town, beginning when it was <br />but the dream of a few who wanted to protect this area <br />and keep it a true Paradise. <br />No one person is responsible for the town as it now ex- <br />ists, but there are some who have given dedicated service <br />throughout the years. "Our town's saint," is what Mayor <br />Huntress calls Mrs. Helen E. Marston. Over a period of <br />years she worked for incorporation, helped get the peti- <br />tions signed. Then she turne d over her home to use as <br />the Town Hall for two years, and has served as Town Clerk <br />for 2 % years. And all this without a penny of remunera- <br />tion for her property and the utilities, or for the time she <br />has put in six days a week for 30 months I