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5own <br />Vol. 1, Issue 2 Gwen Dew Buchanan, Editor December, 1961 <br />WELCOME ALL! <br />We are glad to see all o: you who have been wander· <br />ers this summer return to our wonderful Valley. Those <br />of us who stayed here had a great time, for there was <br />plenty of time to see friends, Scottsdale wasn't over- <br />crowded, and nothing happened to our air conditioning! <br />You undoubtedly have many questions about what <br />is happening now to preserve our area from gobbling <br />tracts and four-corner service stations. In case yqu did not <br />recei ve one, we did have a previous issue of Town Crier <br />in July which brought things up to date ai thai time. <br />Since· then there have been several additions to the <br />Town of Paradise Valley. To them welcome! <br />And recently the Republic and Gazette have taken <br />it upon themselves to feud with us. We must have grown <br />very important for them to do that, so to them welcome too I <br />MESSAGE FR OM YOUR MAYOR <br />The Phoenix newspapers have had a field day trying <br />to embarrass the Town of Paradise Valley. It seems the <br />entire effort i s directed at our lack oi a Town Hall, and <br />the fact that our good Senator Goldwater would pre fer <br />living in Phoenix. This, most certainly is their privilege, <br />but in fairness it should be p ointed out that approximately <br />60% of the Senator's neighbors did not share his views <br />and consequently, ASKED to be annexed. <br />The papers would also lead you to believe it is a <br />one-man adm inistration. Thi s si mply is not true. Your <br />Town is governed by a council composed of Mrs. Mildred <br />Holcomb, John F. Jennings, Admiral Selden Spangler, <br />Robert A. Temple and myself. The affairs of the com- <br />munity are further conducted by a very competent Plan- <br />ning and Zoni ng c ommission, an adjustment board, a <br />capable and efficient Town Clerk, a Building Inspector <br />and many others, all of whom serve with absolutely no <br />pay. <br />As you know, the basic incorporation of the com- <br />munity is under legal attack. The Superior Court has ruled <br />that the Town is a legal entity and was properly formed. <br />This ruling has been appealed to the Supreme Court and <br />a decision will be rendered in due course. <br />Meanwhile, the Town must function as best it can <br />with what it has tc-work wi1h. If the court renders an ad- <br />verse rulmg, then a lot of peo ple will have done a lot of <br />work for nothing. <br />STILL SMALL VOICE <br />Ye Editor would like to disagree a little with the <br />Mayor's last words : "A lot of people will have done a <br />lot of work for nothing." Not fo r n o thing, Mayor Downey, <br />for we have learned t hat around us a majority of our <br />neighbors want the same kind of life we do, and have <br />been w illing to work hard to achieve that. We will have <br />gained new strength , formed new friendships, gained <br />trust in o ne another. Vie admire your fighting spiril. <br />It i s sadly true however that, if we lose, we wi ll ha·,e <br />lost greatly. <br />THERE IS A TOWN HALL <br />Indeed there is a To w :-H a ll, Dear Santa Republic <br />and Gazette. It is the former guest house on the John <br />Bonnell property. It may n ot be large and lavish, and it <br />is not a marble palace. Nor will it be the Town Hall we <br />will have when our future is decided. But it's there now <br />and its business is carefully carried on. <br />. Its location : 6310 North Ouail Run Road. There i s a <br />phone, WH 6-0351. There is a town clerk, Mrs. C. P. <br />Marston, who does a wonderful job with no pay. <br />MEET YOUR NEW NEIGHBORS <br />Our town grew larger with annexation of about two <br />square miles, taking in a residential area in the Mummy <br />Mountain area. The area has a population of 1,200-1,500 <br />and an assesed valuation of about two million dollars. <br />The Annexati on petition was signed by owners of 73% <br />of the asse sed valuation. <br />This ,uea adj..;;ns 1l. .... ~·''. boundcU .t:~ o n the <br />n orth at Indian Be nd Road. The boundary line runs north <br />a long Tatum from Indian Bend to Shea Boulevard, east <br />along Shea from Tatum to 52nd Street, then southeastward <br />in stairstep fashion u ntil it meets Scottsdale Road north <br />of Indian Bend. <br />The Stanford Hills area petition was accepted by the <br />town council ai a special meeting. It was presented by <br />Chandler Drummond, 6216 North 381h Place, and represen· <br />ted 59% of assessed property valuation in the section. <br />The area is bounded by 36th Street from the Arizona <br />Canal to Lincoln Drive; Lincoln Drive from 36th Street <br />to Tatum 1 Tatum from Lincoln Drive to MacDonald Drive 1 <br />MacDonald and Bethany Home from Tatum to 40th Street. <br />The line then follows 40th Street from Bethany Home <br />to a poi nt one fourth mile north of Carnelback, a line due <br />west from this point to the Arizona Canal, and the canal <br />from this line to 36th Street. <br />M a yor Downey says: "We are extremely pleased with <br />our new additions, because b o th of these areas came to us <br />with completed petitions . a sking that they be annexed. <br />We did not go out lo them with petitions - - -they came <br />to u s , and we welcome thtm. · <br />KNOW THESE nmms <br />You will want to be informed about these facts: <br />The Town of Paradise Valley has a working agree- <br />ment with the Maricopa County Sheriff's office, and also <br />has its own marshal!, Ned Curtis. <br />It has adopted the National Standard Building Code. <br />It will meet the standnrds of the Maricopa County <br />Dep.irtment of Health and S.imlat ion Code. <br />Summing up briefly, the entire Town of P aradise <br />Va lley is zoned to protect the min ·m u m of one acre p er <br />:n s.e family dwelli ng.