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. -·----~~~--------.-----~---.. , ___ ... ~. --... --· ~--'---.. -,.f"--:1 <br />AIC1Zo~fi . Rtf>U f:>L/ C., NE Wcdncsd.ay, January 5, 198~) . ~ <br />Church planning to bui~d. <br />chapel without steeple <br />PARADISE VALLEY-The Val- <br />ley United Presbyterian Church has <br />decided to "build with what we have.·~ <br />After two months of wrangling with <br />Paradise Valley over whether the <br />church should have a steeple higher <br />than town ordinances allow, the Rev. <br />. L. Wilson 1\ilgore, the church's pastor, <br />last week said the. church will build <br />without one. <br />"While the steeple is nice to have, <br />we're concerned with the chapel," <br />Kilgore said. "We want to get on with <br />it." <br />Dec. 27, Kilgore signed a special- <br />use permit from the town that will <br />allow the church at 6947 E. McDonald <br />Drive to build a chapel to seat 180 to <br />200 people. <br />planned chapel no longer was permit- <br />. ted under the ordinance. . · <br />This summer, the church requested <br />a variance to build its chapel. The <br />town Planning and Zoning Commis- <br />sion agreed. However, neighbors ob- <br />jected to the height, saying it would <br />destroy the residential character of <br />the area. <br />On Nov. 18, the Town Council <br />enforced the 30-foot limit, saying. the <br />church could build the chapel without <br />the steeple or take it off and place it • · <br />within 50 feet of the building. <br />"We have modified the roof line to.·· <br />bid with what we have," Kilgore said·: <br />last week. "We're going to build a . <br />Pr)of'tJ IX G AZ8TTE--I (51"()~ <br />C© rrtl$ttrijlj cr::tn@ITl) st(t~ rr~$ @ U1l <br />t <br />r Ground has been broken for the $40 <br />r. minion Paradise Valley Inn, a Loews <br />~, Hotels International luxury resort set to <br />open January 1984. <br />, The resort will be in Paradise Valley on <br />' 20 acres on the east side of Scottsdale <br />Road at Jackrabbit. Having obtained <br />zoning approval several years ago from the <br />· town, the resort will add 380 hotel rooms <br />as well· as 500 jobs to the Scottsdale- <br />Paradise Valley area, resort officials said. <br />The inn is a joint project of Metroplex <br />Development Corp. (the major inter~st <br />holder and managing general partner) and <br />Steven Development Corp. The joint <br />venture itself is known as Paradise Valley <br />Resort. <br />Loews will manage the resort, which will <br />include several restaurants; three swim- <br />ming pools, six tennis courts (two indoors), <br />two indoor racquetball courts; a theater <br />and health club, Garry Goett, Metroplex <br />president, said. <br />Landscaping' around the resort's 100,000 <br />square feet will include lush terraces <br />around one-and two-story· buildings, he <br />said. · <br />Although the resort will not ha~e a golf <br />course, it wil,l be affiliated with Orangetree <br />Golf Course, 10601 N. 56th St. · <br />W.R. Grace Construction is the general <br />contractor for the resort, and First <br />Interstate Bank of Arizona is providing the <br />construction fi~~~cing. · <br />The church has planned since 1979 <br />to build a chapel similar to one <br />already at the site, The plans called <br />for a 30-foot-high chapel with a 30- <br />foot steeple. <br />chapel (only). . . <br />"It's a year's effort to get it built:·.· <br />and we don't want·to delay. Construc- <br />tion bids are reasonable now." <br />Town residents urg~ r.tla:yor to fight <br />. · Sco·-tt~c\o.le .Pros'f'~~s 'ts/83 · . <br />However, in 1981, the town lowered <br />·its maximum height for church build- <br />ings to 30 feet from 100 feet. The L.~--·-'--· -~ ." <br />~e chapel, whi~h also will have <br />three offices, a lobby and a bride's <br />room, should cost "in the neighbor- <br />hood" of $550,000 to $600,000, he said. <br />1 Wsuit over La Place development <br />By DIANA BALAZS <br />Progress Staff Writer <br />rejection of a settlement, provisions of which are <br />still being ironed out. No settlement agreement <br />has been reached between both parties, Brock <br />said. <br />hillside ordinances. In addition, if the matter was <br />not settled, the town would be faced with a <br />lawsuit seeking a potential of $45 :{Ilillion in <br />damages. <br />A chapel will be built at Valley <br />United Presbyterian Church in <br />the town of Paradise Valley but <br />without a steeple, according to <br />the church's pastor. <br />On Nov. lll, the Town Council <br />approved plans for the church's <br />proposed chapel, but literally <br />grounded its steeple by only per- <br />mitting the church to .build a <br />free-standirig spire adjacent to <br />the chapel. Neighbors· had ob- <br />jected to the proposed height (60 <br />feet) of the combined chapel and <br />steeple. The church is located at <br />6947 E. McDonald Drive. <br />However, church members <br />found a free-standing steeple ob- <br />jectionable, but rather than <br />redesign the chapel and steeple, <br />the church plans to construct the <br />chapel only, said the Rev. Wilson <br />Kilgore, church pastor. "The <br />deciding factor was that we have <br />the chapel and we're just going <br />to, go with it. The steeple is a <br />longer-range problem and we're <br />not going to fight it' now,'' he <br />said. <br />I <br />~· <br />The chapel will seat between ·1 <br />180 and 200 persons, Kilgore <br />. said, and also will house three of- <br />fices, a lobby and combination <br />·family and bride's room. <br />The chapel will cost between <br />$550,000 and $600,000 to con- <br />struct, Kilgore added, noting <br />that the church has already rais- <br />ed $400,000 for construction. <br />• <br />The terms of an anticipated settlement of the <br />La Place du Sonunet lawsuit against the town of <br />Paradise Valley will result in greater benefits to <br />the town, the town's mayor said Tuesday. <br />However,. because the matter is in ·litigation, <br />Mayor J. Duncan Brock was not able to discuss in <br />detail what a settlement might include. <br />The lawsuit was filed in October by Burns In- <br />'vestment Opportunity Inc. of Phoenix, which pro- <br />poses to develop the· residential hillside subdivi- <br />sion. In August; the Town Council rejected the <br />development's 32-lot final plat. Burns Investment <br />has proposed building the homes valued at more <br />than $1 million on 92 acres in the saddle of Mum- <br />my Mountain. . ) .. <br />Brock met with members of the Plaimi:';~. :md <br />·Zoning Commission-and homeownGrs in \3:· · ;·ate <br />meetings Tuesday to ask them for ~u· ' , .ons <br />that could be incorporated in a settlemc:,,:. · <br />Coinmission members questioned lie,, .hey <br />could offer suggestions without kn<twir:'· ·.the <br />details of the settlement, while htiJ,fl.':··, :1ers <br />stuck fast to their belief that the town , c\ght <br />the lawsuit. · · <br />On Jan. 13, the council will consider al pr;n i 1 or <br />.. ~ .... : ... '. ·-~ . <br />At that meeting, ·the terms of the settlement <br />will be presented publicly, Brock said, and .the <br />town plans to mail out letters this week to about <br />130 homeowners inviting them to the meeting. <br />But because the council will consider approval of <br />a settlement, rather than reconsider the applica- <br />tion, there will be no public discussion scheduled. <br />The "bottom line" of the anticipated settlement <br />would be to allow Burns Investment to construct <br />the subdivision. In turn, the suit would be <br />dismissed. <br />other tenns would include reduction of cut and <br />fill on the mountain and the donation by the <br />developer of mountain property to the town. <br />Although the development plat would not be <br />greatly altered under a settlement, the town is ex- <br />pected to receive "greater benefits" out o~ it, <br />Brock said. <br />Both commission members and homeowners <br />questioned why the town needed to settle the mat- <br />ter. <br />Brock, based on advice from legal counsel, <br />the application does meet town zoning and <br />Commission members suggested that a settle-· <br />ment include moving the lots further down the <br />. mountain, reducing the number of lots and reduc- <br />. ing cut and fill on the mountain. <br />Mter meeting with the commission, Brock met <br />with homeowners Dr. Richard Andeen, Bob <br />Mueller and Dennis Dhein, president of the <br />Paradise Valley Homeowners Association. <br />The homeowners said they do not oppose a sub- <br />division development on the Mununy Mountain, <br />but argue the present development would scar <br />the mountain. Andeen suggested that the density <br />of the development be reduced to move it off the <br />steeper parts of the mountain. <br />He also said that town residents "have been <br />kept in the dark" about the matter. Andeen also <br />noted it was the position of the homeowners that <br />the town should "fight this thing and uphold town <br />regulations." <br />·Mueller added the La Place issue is an "en- <br />yironment~ matter',. dealing with the preserva- <br />tion of the Iliountain . <br />"~ SC.OTTSJ)j-)Lt; Pr<.DQR.£..SS 1/~/~3'';' J;aetter urges ·· d;enial of ~ubdi vision <br />'31( <br />By DIANA BALAZS <br />Progress Staff Writer <br />zoning regulations and stand by its deci- <br />sion. <br />------------------~--------------------------------- <br />Denial of the final plat of La Place du <br />Sommet, a proposed residential subdivi- <br />sion in the town of Paradise Valley, should <br />be upheld by the town, according to a letter <br />being mailed to all town residents by the <br />Paradise Valley Homeowners Association. <br />The three-page letter comes a few days <br />before a meeting scheduled for Thursday <br />in which the Town Council either will ap- <br />prove or disapprove a proposed settlement <br />of a lawsuit filed against the town by Burns · <br />Investments Opportunities Inc., <br />developers of La Place du Sonunet. <br />In August, the council voted to deny the <br />development's final plat. <br />Residents living near Mununy Moun- <br />tain, where the development would be <br />built, and the PVHA board of directors <br />contend the town should uphold its hillside <br />Based on legal advice, the subdivision <br />application does. meet' town zoning and <br />hillside ordinances, town officials have <br />said. <br />The letter, a copy of which was obtained <br />by the Scottsdale Daily Progress, states <br />that the scarring of Mununy Mountain by <br />such a development is a concern to the en- <br />tire conununity "because the mountain's <br />appearance reflects our. dedication to re- <br />taining the unique character of the town as <br />well as our property rights.'' <br />The letter also urges the town to <br />strengthen its regulations for building on <br />mountains and zoning ordinances to pre- <br />vent future development that would scar <br />the town's mountains, rehabilitate both <br />areas that already are scarred and "re- <br />mind the town that open meetings are <br />. because the mountain's appearance reflects <br />our dedication to retaining the unique character · <br />of the town as well as our property rights.' <br />basic to the democratic process and that <br />decisions made in open forum should not . <br />be reversed in closed negotiations." <br />Homeowners have complained they <br />have been kept in the dark on the La Place <br />du Sonunet matter. Provisions of the set- <br />tlement will be discussed publicly at <br />Thursday's meeting. <br />The letter also criticizes what the PVHA <br />board considers to be inaction on the part <br />of a committee assigned the task of study- <br />ing the feasibility of purchasing Mununy <br />Mountain as an open preserve. <br />On Aug. 26, 1982, town resident Foorman <br />Mueller was appointed chairman of the· <br />committee but has not yet selected fellow <br />committee members. A report of the com- <br />mittee's findings are due five months after <br />a sixth-month moratorium on develop- <br />mentor Mununy Mountain took effect Oct. <br />28,1982. <br />Mayor J. Duncan Brock said earlier this <br />week that Mueller has been exploring the <br />issue and may be close to procuring the <br />donation of hillside property to the town.