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/-----· \ <br />JAN 0 8 2001 <br />THE TRIBUNE <br />NEWSPAPERS <br />Mesa,AZ <br />Cir: 106,228 Dly <br />Forum offers new voice in P.V. politics · <br />. Citizens group · <br />· to attend council. . <br />. meetings, give input · <br />BY ZARANA SANGHANI <br />TRIBUNE <br />A newly formed civic group· <br />in Paradise Valley promises to <br />· fill the communication gap <br />' between residents · and the <br />Town Council, bolstering pub- <br />. lie inputfor policy decisions .. · . <br />"Everybody just got ticked · <br />off about the way things were <br />being· run," said Larry West- <br />house, a Civil ·engineer. <br />'There were a lot ·of people <br />who were just individually <br />saying,' 'We're not being __ <br />heard.'" <br />W esthouse and other resi- <br />dents formed t\'le . Citize~s <br />Forum. The group plans .to <br />-attend every council and Plan- <br />ning and Zoning Commission <br />meeting, along with council <br />work study sessions . <br />The Citizens Forum wants' <br />to send residents newsletters <br />on meetings and issues, · said <br />. Marcie Am9ry, who helped <br />form the group. The group <br />will stay nonpartisan, Amory <br />said. · <br />. The first official meeting of <br />the Citizens Forum is today. <br />. foruni board metribers · and <br />officers will be elected, and <br />·candidates for the Town <br />Council in the March primary <br />elections ·will introduce them- <br />selves and answer questions. <br />The organization can help <br />. residents give the council con- <br />structive criticism, said Ron· <br />Clarke, a councilman running <br />for re-election in March. · <br />"I think it's' a great idea," <br />Clarke · said. "If this group <br />truly sits. in on the meeting <br />and really knows what's going <br />on first-hand, people won't be . <br />running around misinformed." <br />Citizens Forum expects to. <br />replace the Paradise Valley <br />IF YOU GO <br />·What: Paradise Valley Citizens . <br />Forum meeting and Town <br />Council candidate introd.uctions <br />When: 7 p.m. to9ay <br />Where: Palo Cristi Presbyterian <br />Church, 3535 E. Lincoln Drive . <br />Homeowners As~ociation, . <br />which last met in 1996, Amory <br />said.-· <br />Some ··Citizens Forum <br />members also belonged to <br />Paradise Valley __ Concerne~ <br />Citizens, which loosely: <br />formed in September b~t <br />ended quickly .. <br />Concerned Citizens was · <br />involved in issues that ranged <br />from the Doubletree Ranch <br />Road flood. control project to · <br />the realignment of the Tatum <br />Boulevard and McDonald <br />Drive intersection. The · Citi- <br />zens Forum will discuss those <br />issues along with other con- <br />cerns, Westhouse {>aid. _ · <br />Tuesday, January 8, 2002 <br />Phoenix, Arizona <br />THE ARIZONA REPUBLIC <br />Page: B8 <br />. - <br />Paradise Valley won't print candidate info <br />-Town hopes to avoid <br />election-bias complaints <br />By Diana· Balazs <br />The Arizona Republic <br />Paradise Valley will not publicize in- <br />formation about candidates in the up- <br />coming town election partly out of con- <br />cern that any voting information could <br />be considered biased. <br />Town officials learned in a Decem- <br />ber work-study session about election · <br />law and procedures that a campaign <br />newsletter or publibity pamphlet must <br />be pre-approved by the U.S. Depart- <br />ment of Justice and be printed in Eng- <br />lish and Spanish. <br />Since 1978, the town has run voting <br />information and candidate profiles in <br />the Town Reporter, which is mail~d <br />free to all town residents. The profiles <br />include a photograph and a written 1 <br />statement supplied by each candidate. <br />"The town attorney recommends <br />that the town because of unforeseen is- <br />sues of bias being raised not publish <br />candidate statements," Lenore Lan- <br />caster, management services director, <br />said in a: memo to the council. - <br />Also, the information has been <br />printed only in English. The Justice <br />Department has interpreted the Vot- <br />ing Rights Act of 1965 to mean that all <br />eleCtion materials should be printed in <br />English and Spanish. <br />Town officials said there isn't time <br />to meet those requirements before the <br />March 12 council election. <br />"I just find it very unfortunate that <br />the town is not allowed to disseminate <br />information to our residents," Vice <br />Mayor Dan Schweiker said. <br />Last year, nine Paradise Valley resi- <br />dents filed an election law complaint <br />against the town, alleging that the town <br />used a public resource, the Town Re- <br />porter, to influence the outcome of two <br />elections in 2000. Attorney Bill Farrell, <br />who investigated the complaint for the <br />town, said use of the Town Reporter did <br />not violate state election law. <br />JAN 0 8 2001 <br />THE TRIBUNE <br />NEWSPAPERS <br />Mesa,AZ <br />Cir: 106,228 Dly <br />P.V. flood project not needed, not wanted <br />An editorial taking an <br />interest in Paradise Valley <br />(Monday) -nice. But horrors <br />-the Tribune has some wrong <br />ideas about the people opposed <br />to the town of Paradise <br />Valley-Maricopa County Flood <br />Control project <br />We are not opposed to flood <br />control; we just oppose the <br />huge urban project and the <br />monster culverts · <br />_suggested by the Maricopa <br />County Flood Control District <br />engineerS. The original concern <br />about flooding in the area was <br />not suggested by the county' at <br />all; it was first suggested in 1993 <br />to Paradise Valley by a principal <br />at Cherokee Elementary <br />School. School buses and <br />private cars were delayed one <br />day in 1993 because Cherokee <br />Wash was backed up on 56th <br />Street after a rainstorm and the <br />wash's "raging torrent" flowed <br />into the street There was rio <br />water in the school or in homes <br />in the area <br />Maricopa County was asked <br />by the town in 1994 to develop a <br />flood control project in the area. <br />In subsequent years the town <br />realized that the county was <br />developing a huge urban <br />project costing millions of · <br />dollars so we requested that the <br />county's design l:!e cut back. (I <br />was on the Town Council then.) <br />Finally, when the plan went to <br />the county Flood Control <br />Advisory Board in 2000 it was <br />rejected, once and for all, as <br />unneeded. <br />· We all felt relieved and <br />• PLANS <br />thought the town would riow <br />repair the street and work on 'a <br />new flood. control plan which ·· <br />used washes, not culverts. <br />Members of the town staff were <br />instructed to map all the <br />washes in town, Things began <br />to look hopeful. . <br />· But in 2001 the Town <br />Council hired a lobbying finn <br />headed by politician Matt <br />Salmon to fight the advisory <br />board's 2000 rejection. They <br />took the issue straigh~ to the <br />county supervisors last week <br />and got a new decision. <br />Why, if the residents didn't <br />wantthis project, has so much <br />Town Council effort been spent · <br />to advance it? That has been a ' <br />· continuing question. ' <br />Everyone in town wants <br />Doubletree Ranch Road <br />repaired. Everyone wants <br />effective flood control, which <br />can be accomplished by using <br />the existing roadside washes <br />and by new planted areas. But · <br />Paradise Valle~ is a small town <br />with a small town staff. Large <br />underground culverts, as <br />suggested by the county· <br />··engineers, would need major <br />maintenance by town staff. <br />1hese urban improvements are <br />not needed and not wanted by <br />the majority of the residents. <br />Instead, we would like for the <br />town to repair Doubletree <br />Ranch Road, lower it a bit, <br />restripe it, and perhaps design. <br />a curve or two to deter <br />cut-through traffic. <br />Jane Cole <br />Paradise Valley <br />events of Sept. II." <br />I <br />~~ 0 6 2~~l <br />THE TRIBUNE <br />NEWSPAPERS <br />Mesa,AZ <br />Cir: 106,228 Dly <br />. PARADISE VALLEY <br />• The Paradise Valley <br />Town Council is scheduled to <br />meet 7 p.m. Thursday at Town <br />Hall, 6401 E. lincoln Drive. The <br />· agenda includes possible action <br />· by the council on the final <br />agreement with Maricopa <br />County for a flood-control <br />project on Doubletree Ranch · <br />Road. For more information, <br />call (480) 948-7411. <br />• Candidates for the <br />Paradise Valley Town Council <br />are scheduled to give <br />presentations at the first <br />meeting of .citizens Forum, a <br />neighborhood group, 7 p.m. <br />Wednesday at Palo Cristi <br />Presbyterian Church, 3535 E. <br />Lincoln Drive. For more <br />information, call (480) 945-1928. <br />JAN -2 2002 <br />TOWN OF <br />PARADISE VL Y <br />INDEPENDENT <br />Paradise, Vly, AZ <br />Cir: 6,000 weekly <br />' <br />Plans on <br />·hold for Mt. <br />Shadows <br />8),' Amy Washburn <br />Independent Newspapers <br />Plans to revitalize Marriott's <br />Mountain Shadow Resort in the <br />_·Town of Paradise Valley are at a <br />standstill. <br />In early September, the <br />Independent reported . that <br />employees at the long-standing <br />Town resort had stated a facelift <br />may be in the works. <br />. However, no new decisions <br />have been made on what· to do <br />with the resort. <br />. See • PLANS, Page 6 <br />·From Page 1 <br />· "This type of thing takes <br />time," said Mountain Shadows <br />Resort General Manager Jim <br />Rose, "There is nothing new to <br />t!port as of now." <br />· Although the events of Sept. <br />II took their toll on the resort · <br />and recreation industry; Mr. <br />Rose said the plans for revital- <br />. ization were not affected. · <br />"We are still on the same <br />track we were on prior to the <br />Marriott is considering re- <br />developing Mountain Shadows <br />into a top-of-the-line resort <br />called a J.W. Resort. , <br />transforming· Mountain Shad- <br />ows into a Marriott Vacation <br />Club International, which offers <br />. · vacations for visitors who pay in <br />a?~ance for seasonal or weekly <br />VISitS. Marriott is also considering