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-~----~~~--~~~~~~------- <br />P"~\1. mother charg~d With abusing son <br />Police say boy bitten, slapped <br />I ' <br />BY TAMARA LEITNER <br />TRIBUNE/ ~ . 1 ~ D (!)(j <br />A Paradise Valley mot er was <br />arre13ted Saturday after she bit, <br />slapped and stabbed her son in <br />the hand with a pencil because <br />he did not do his homework, <br />. police -said. -· -. <br />Lucy Hargrove, 49, admitted <br />that she injured her son, but said <br />that she had been under a lot of <br />stress and just "lost it/' police <br />said. <br />"I have no comment. The peo- <br />ple who care about me under- <br />stand," Hargrove said Monday. <br />Hargrove was charged with <br />child abuse. Police are unaware <br />of prior arrests, Paradise Valley <br />Police Chief John Wintersteen <br />said. <br />Police received a call Saturday <br />afternoon from a neighbor who <br />heard Hargrove yelling at her <br />children all day, police said. <br />When police arrived at the home <br />at 7001 E. Palo Verde Lane they <br />found physical signs of injury on <br />Hargrove's 9-year-old son. <br />According to court docu- <br />ments, the boy had a bloody <br />nose, a puncture mark and dried <br />blood on top of his right hand, <br />fresh bite marks on his scalp, <br />and he had been crying. <br />Most of his injuries were "ex- <br />tremely superficial," Wintersteen <br />said. The boy was not given med- <br />ical attention for his injuries. <br />The boy told police that his <br />mom was angry because he had <br />not completed a report for <br />school. <br />"She's under a lot of stress <br />from a variety of things," Winter- <br />steen said. "She is essentially on <br />a day-to-day basis, a single moth- <br />er, although her husband is in <br />the area ... She's just under a lot <br />of stress." <br />-According to court docu- <br />ments, Hargrove is not <br />employed. <br />It is not known whether Har- <br />grove's other child, a 3-year-old <br />boy, saw .how his brother was <br />injured. <br />"Both kids were interviewed <br />extensively about · prior abuse <br />and the information that they <br />provided . . . clearly could· be <br />· within normal discipline of a <br />child or it might be more than <br />that," Wintersteen said. "But <br />there is nothing in here that <br />either of the boys said that indi- <br />cated any history of abuse.- <br />'There was nothing that indi- <br />cated to me the children were in <br />imminent danger or the kids had. <br />been severely abused iri the <br />past," Wintersteen said. <br />Child Protective Services <br />turned both children over to <br />Erica Golble, a 20-year-old nanny <br />who takes care of the children, <br />police said. When contacted <br />·Monday · night, Golble had no ; <br />comment. -· -~ <br />Hargrove was booked into <br />Maricopa County's Madison <br />Street Jail in Phoenix then taken <br />to Estrella Jail, before she was <br />released on $16,000 bond. Har- <br />grove was ordered not to have <br />any contact with her son. She has <br />a preliminary hearing at 8:30 a.m. <br />Monday at Scottsdale-Justice <br />Court. <br />, <br />~Misguided detour sign leads elderly driver astray <br />~ Staff report 1 / ::J,.GJ-( 0 o was torn up for a cable under-woman _"dutifull~ followed the scap: lights. being cri.tshcd. 2a~n_e <br />grounding project. detour stgn, contmued along the outstde and tound the woman vtst- <br />A Paradise Valley homeowner <br />and an elderly driver had an awk- <br />ward encounter thanks to a mis- <br />guided detour sign. <br />-As she approached the 8400 small walkway in front of the house bly shaken, sitting inside her car." <br />block of North Lauretta Lane, an and continued along the pathway, Paradise Valley Police Sgt. Bucky <br />orange detour sign had been turned stopping only when she reached the Boehm repositioned the detour sign· <br />in the wrong direction, pointing front door of the quest house." and assisted the woman in -backing~ <br />directly up a homeowner's drive-The homeowner, who was inside. her car out of the residence. Around 7:45 p.m. Jan. 12, an 84 <br />year-old woman was driving her car <br />eastbound on Charles Drive, which <br />way. the guest house at the time, was Damage to the home was limited <br />According to police reports, the alerted by the sound of his land-to eight crushed landscape lights.. <br />" <br />Police Reports ,fc~ v..J ~ 6' , 1 .:t' 1 o o <br />Editor's note: In addition to inci- <br />dents of police activity, this colunm <br />lists arrests, not convictions, unless <br />otherwise stated. <br />Arrested persons listed here who are <br />later found not guilty are welcome to <br />infonn the Independent by calling 480- <br />483-0977 or faxing the infonnation to <br />480-948-0496. <br />lnfomwtion is collected from the <br />Paradise Valley Police Depariment. <br />1) Wallet taken from car <br />A wallet containing $170 in cash <br />was reported stolen from a vehicle <br />parked at a home in the 4400 block <br />of East McDonald Drive, between <br />10 a.m. and 2:30p.m. Jan. 15. <br />2) Golf clubs stolen <br />Three sets 'of golf clubs were <br />stolen from the trunk of a car parked <br />in the 5400 block of East Lincoln <br />Drive, between 2:30 p.m. Jan. 15 <br />and 8 a.m. Jan. 17. <br />The clubs were valued at $6,150. <br />~) Cherokee Suburban <br />A Suburban, turned over on its <br />roof, was found on the far east play- <br />ground at · Cherokee Elementary <br />School, 8801 N. 56th Street, at 8:30 <br />a.m. Jan. 17. <br />The vehicle had been stolen from <br />a Scottsdale residence the previous <br />night. According to reports, police <br />searched for blood to determine if <br />anyone had been injured, but found <br />Shea Blvd. <br />Mountain View Road <br />Dol.ibletre Ranch Road <br />0 <br />'E <br />:0 <br />"C Cl .... c <br />cu 3;2 "C > u cu ~ 0 0 <br />:::s a: <br />0 Cheney Drive : (I) m cti <br />E "C <br />:::s (/1 --Bend Road -~ 0 <br />(.) en <br />coin <br />> McDonald' c - <br />Chaparral <br />nothing. <br />4) Briefcase swiped <br />stolen from a truck parked at a home <br />in the 7500 block of North <br />Mockingbird Lane, around noon <br />Dec. 30. A leather briefcase was reportedly <br />Value of loss is $31. <br />5) Party gets out of hand <br />Police broke up a party of about <br />200 teenagers at a home in the 5400 <br />block of East McDonald Drive at II <br />p.m. Jan. 14. <br />The homeowner's son told police <br />he was having a birthday party and <br />several unexpected people showed <br />up until'it got out of hand. <br />6) PV man faces charges <br />A Paradise Valley man was arrest- <br />ed and charged with domestic vio-.! <br />lence an~l c~iminal ?amage after ar~ ;_: <br />alleged mctdent wtth his mom at <br />their home in the 61 00 block of East <br />Naumann Drive, around 2 p.m. Jan. <br />14. <br />According to reports, Ryan S. <br />Leslie, 22, became upset ov_er a hold <br />on a credit card ht; was allowed ·1o <br />use. <br />Mr. Leslie allegedly pulled his <br />mother's hair and destroyed a com- <br />puter printer and telephone. <br />7) Cell phone stolen <br />A cell phone was reportedly ·• <br />stolen from the front yard of a home : <br />in the 4400 block of East Valley <br />Vista Lane. between 9:45 and 10:45 <br />a.m. Jan. 18. <br />According to reporls. the phone <br />was left on an outside wall while a <br />resident was moving furniltire into <br />the home. <br />/ <br />-~-~ARADfSE VALL~Y ,,a. ~[C?/) <br />Charter scliool owner <br />makes zoning case deal <br />The owner of Kachina Country · <br />Day School has pleaded no con- <br />test to one of three misdemeanor <br />charges filed against her by the <br />town. The remaining two charges <br />were dropped as part of a plea <br />agreement. <br />Jai-J.ece Kline, 65, faced trial <br />this month in Town Magistrate <br />Court on the criminal zoning <br />charges. The town claimed she <br />W,?-S in violation of her special- <br />··use permit for the charter school · <br />at 6602 E. Malcomb Drive. <br />·. Kline pleaded no contest to <br />·using a swimming pool on a <br />· residential lot she owns next to <br />the school for a commercial <br />purpose. The pool had been used <br />for students' swimming lessons. <br />Charges that she exceeded the <br />school's student enrollment limit <br />of 300 and used another private <br />residence she owns next to the <br />school . to . conduct a business <br />were dismtsse~. Kli~e's attorney, <br />Ed N~vak, smd Klme received <br />probatiOn as part of the plea <br />agreement. ' <br />co"u~fit~e~rig <br />slated Jan. 27 <br />The _ Paradise Valley Town . <br />Council will meet for a work-.] <br />study session at 5 p.m. and regu-1 <br />Jar meeting at 7 p.m. Jan. 27, at · <br />Town hall, 6401 E. Lincoln ; <br />Drive: ,. <br />Council is expected to consider \ <br />approval of the following: <br />• Authorization to proceed with 'l <br />design of 69k utility underground;-1 <br />design. ,; <br />• Funds for the Francis Najafi <br />Underground Utility District. <br />• An amendment to Temple , <br />Solei's special use permit to <br />allow sixth grade. <br />• An amendment to Tesseract <br />School's special use permit to <br />allow a shade structure and secu- <br />rity gate. <br />'