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roUncil says. no to Kachina <br />Upholds commission's decision to deny campus expansion <br />By KELLY PARENT P. \J. I fl~/ oo council after being unanimously <br />Independent Newspapers turned down by the Planning <br />me. Shame on you back there," Ms. <br />Simpson said to an audience mem- <br />ber <br />Kachina Country Day School <br />plans to expand its Paradise Valley <br />campus reached a dead end Jan. 6. <br />Town Council voted unanimously <br />to deny the school's addition of a <br />pool property, among other changes. <br />However, the Town will allow <br />Kachina to resubmit revised plans <br />before the normal one-year waiting <br />period. <br />The decision was passed to the <br />• COUNCIL <br />Council rejected the proposed <br />plans pointing the school exceeded <br />its enrollment cap. <br />Traffic problems stemming from <br />high enrollment and inadequate <br />sp~ :::e were also attributed to the <br />deniaL <br />1'he added parcel, would have <br />allowed the school use of a pool, <br />horse corral and bathhouse: <br />Additional parking would also be <br />constructed, both on the northerly <br />added parcel and within current <br />boundaries. <br />Many questions and issues were <br />· brought up throughout the meeting <br />by opposing views that sometimes <br />confused the council on what the <br />school's plans were, including the <br />question of floor plans. <br />There was also a question raised <br />whether there was a floor plan for <br />bathing facilities given to the plan- <br />ning commission and not passed <br />onto the Town council which <br />Kachina's attorney said should <br />have been passed on to the council <br />after being given to the commis- <br />sion. <br />Town Planner Neal Pascoe said <br />the only floor plans they received <br />at an earlier date described a mod- <br />····------~---· ---· ----------- <br />Commission on Dec. 21. <br />As the council began to render its <br />decision, emotions began to flare on <br />both sides of the issue. <br />"There's been a lot of progress <br />made, to start piece mealing it is bad <br />policy," councilmember Jini <br />Simpson said before the council <br />voted. "I would hope that all this <br />time isn't wasted. No one here is <br />anti-education. <br />"Please don't shake your head at <br />"It's true," the person responded. <br />Kachina was attempting to add a <br />1.7-acre property with a pool and <br />redefine the way students are count- <br />ed. School officials were attempting <br />to count enrollment by how many <br />students are on campus at any given <br />time of the day instead of total <br />enrollment. <br />See • COUNCIL, Page 12 <br />I think you're getting real close. These items can be worked out,:" <br />Councilmember Bernie Barry <br />on Kachina Country Day School's failed expansion <br />/ From Page 1 · <br />ally. pushed the-envelope and <br />pu~hed and pushed," said resident <br />Bruce Lavachek who opposed the <br />SUP. <br />Neighbors complaints ranged <br />fro'm expansion of the land, enroii- <br />IT!ent, noise and '• increased traffic <br />problems.· <br />est expansion with a couple of <br />patio covers. <br />Kachina attorney, Nick Wood, <br />pleaded to the council if they don't <br />approve anything to approve the <br />enrollment on any given day that <br />would allow the school to keep its <br />current preschool enrollment. The <br />current status in the preschool is <br />}here was also the issue of the <br />that age in school," said coun-Town's general plan discouraging . <br />cilmember Simpson. r~si'dential land being turned into._ <br />Mr. Wood also made the point if commercial. It was . debated <br />. all of the children came to school whether the school was to be con- <br />and left at the same time the traffic sidered commercial. <br />would increase causing a problem. "It's not," responded Mr. Wood. <br />. Neighbors of the school who In the council's decision to deny, <br />children attending on <br />Tuesday/Thursday and <br />Monday/Wednesday/Friday. <br />He told the council other area <br />schools have policy of counting <br />children at any given time in a <br />given day. <br />oppose the SUP being passed said they decided it wouldn't be fair. to <br />they did not want to be portrayed · residents to decide on parts of the . <br />as anti-education, pointing out the issue and make the ,decision as <br />school somehow changed when it whole, reiterating to the school that <br />was changed to a charter in 1995. with some revisions, they could <br />But representatives from the eventually work the problems out. <br />school claimed that nothiag has "We need to take a deep breath at <br />changed including enrollment. this time," said Town Mayor Ed <br />"We want to be treated the <br />same," said Mr. Wood. <br />One school representative said Lowry, adding that a new plan <br />the residents oppose the school needs to be worked on and submit- <br />expansion because they don't want ted. <br />Councilmember Ed Winkler <br />wanted to know how two-year-olds <br />could attend preschool and it not <br />be considered daycare. <br />to keep bringing in students from "I'm of the opinion there's day- <br />outside areas into "their lily-white care going on at the school if there <br />comrimnity." are two-year-olds attending," said <br />"We're listening to a smoke councilmember Winkler. <br />"It's not uncommon to have kids screen. The ownership has continu-"I think you're getting real <br />D PARADISE v ALLE_Y <br />g • 1/tt.t[c>o rnput sougHt on uses <br />for i v~~t parcels <br />.iembers of the Village Plan- <br />nmg Committee are urging resi- <br />dents and business owners near <br />Tatum and Shea boulevards to <br />s~y. their piece about what to do <br />With three vacant parcels. <br />A five-member subcommittee <br />studying the area says it wants to <br />ensure that everyone affected by <br />possible development on the <br />3 acres on the west side of Thtum <br />be~ween Clinton Street and Shan- <br />gn-La Road have their say. <br />I!lvitations will be extended to <br />residents and business owners as <br />far south as Shea, east to 50th <br />Street, north to Altadena Avenue <br />and west to 45th Way. · <br />The issue is to be discussed at <br />7 p.m. Feb. 22 at Paradise Valley <br />Community Center, 17402 N. 40th <br />St., Phoenix. <br />' close," said councilmember Bernie <br />Barry to Kachina representatives. <br />"These items can be worked out." <br />Red-light cameras <br />send signal for more <br />By Christina Leonard <br />The Arizona Republic <br />'/t"!Jfoo <br />Big brother is working .. <br />Federal traffic officials say <br />those high-tech automatic cam- <br />eras at red lights have resulted in <br />up to a 60 percent reduction in <br />violations. That means. more of <br />them could be coming to an <br />intersection near you. <br />"You will see a trend of more <br />red-light cameras," Tempe police <br />Sgt. Randy Fougner said. "It's a <br />very efficient use of money, and <br />it's helping people become more <br />aware of their driving behavior." <br />Although the government's <br />blessing is a nice validation for <br />Valley cities that have already <br />spent thousands on the gizmos, <br />officials say they're not sur- <br />prised. Paradise Valley, Sco_us- <br />dale, Mesa and Tempe use lhe <br />(~-' <br />red-light cameras. Chandler and <br />Phoenix, _ the nation's No. 1 city <br />for red-light runners, are getting <br />ready to install them. <br />The cameras have snapped the <br />photos of chronic light-runners, <br />captured accidents on film and <br />even helped nab car thieves. <br />The Federal Highway Adminis- <br />tration. determined that red-light <br />cameras should translate into at <br />least a 20 percent and as much as <br />a 60 percent drop in violations. <br />The report doesn't show <br />whether the cameras reduced the <br />number of crashes. <br />However, here in the Valley, <br />Scottsdale reports a 3 percent <br />drop in crashes since 1997. And a <br />Mesa study shows a "clear de- <br />cline" in crashes and a reduction <br />in injury accidents for its in- <br />tersections equipped with cam- <br />eras. / <br />Jail~ lifetime probation <br />sentence ~n molestation <br />r.J - <br />~ <br />By Christina Lcmprd <br />The Arizona Republic · <br />tj;.:r(Do· <br />While making his rounds at a <br />prestigious private school, · Do- <br />nald A. Verbeke would sneak into <br />students' rooms at night. <br />Sometimes . he would just <br />watch. But other times, he would <br />touch. <br />On Friday, a Maricopa County <br />judge sentenced the former secu- <br />rity guard at the Judson School <br />in Paradise Valley to eight <br />months in jail and a lifetime <br />probation for fondling students <br />while they slept. <br />As part of an agreement, Ver-· <br />beke, 24, pleaded guilty to three <br />counts· of sexual misconduct with <br />a minor. <br />"I feel very bad about what I <br />did," the Mesa man told the <br />judge Friday.· "I feel horrible for <br />my victims and I hope they go on <br />to lead normal, healthy lives." <br />Verbeke's parents, employer <br />and therapist asked thejudge for <br />h!niency and described him as a <br />gentle person, excellent worker <br />and committed patient. <br />Defense attorney .Ronald Ozer <br />told the judge that Verbeke de- <br />serves an exception because he <br />had never been in trouble with <br />the law and had even enrolled <br />himself in sex offender counsel- <br />ing. <br />"This is really an aberration in::· , <br />Don's life," Ozer said. "He's the .. <br />kind of person who pulls elderly: j • <br />women out of burning buildings.", .. <br />Judge James Keppel could·- <br />have sentenced Verbeke to a year .. _ <br />in jail. " <br />Paradise Valley authorities be-, . .:. <br />gan investigating after a 17-year~." <br />old student told school officials::: <br />that Verbeke molested him as he ;; <br />slept in his room at the school, <br />6704 N. Mockingbird Lane. :" <br />About 100 students live on the;_, <br />coed school's 55-acre campus;_,, <br />which features tennis courts and. .. <br />an equestrian center. ;~,. <br />Court records said Verbeke <br />would enter the boys' bedi'oomg: ; <br />in the night while making rounds;~ .. <br />Verbeke also gave urinalysis> <br />screenings to the boys and took .. <br />photos of them with their shirts:,. <br />off. He. gave money and gifts to <br />some, the records said. · -~ . <br />"At the time these incidents-. <br />· occured, he would confuse the','-' <br />boys' being naked in their beds:.: <br />as a sign that they were recepc, · <br />tive to his advances," court re<~ <br />cords said. . ., <br />Verbeke was a student at Ari-' · <br />zona State University and en-_ <br />gaged to be married at the time. . . <br />1• .• -----------,--------,,,, <br />Reach the reporter at <br />Christina.Leonard@Arizona <br /> or (602) 444-7972.