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THE MAYOR'S CORNER ... <br />Y our Town Council h as again e lected me to se rve as yo ur <br />M ayo r and I look forward to the many opportunities and <br />c ha ll e nges the next two year s have in store for us . The new Town <br />Council wa s seated on June 13, 2002, with Coun c il M e mbers Ron <br />Clarke and Jini Simpson being re-elected , and fo rm er Pl annin g <br />Commi ss io ner Ri c hard Coffman taking th e seat vacated b y Coun c il <br />Member Bernie Barry. With the staggered terms, these three Coun c il <br />Members wi ll serve fo r fo ur years, until 2006. <br />This iss ue of the Town Re porter is primari ly dedicated to th e <br />G eneral Pl an . T he cover story g ives detail s of th e Marc h 11 , 2003 , <br />e lection , at whic h time Town res id e nts will be asked to vo te in orde r to <br />ratify th e upd ated General Pl an th at was adopted by th e Town Cou ncil <br />on Nove mb er 2 1, 2002. The in sert on pages 5 , 6, 7 and 8 prov id e s an <br />excell ent s ummary of the General Pl an and can be pulle d out and kept <br />for refere nce. Tru s pamphlet includes th e visio n a nd valu es of Town <br />residents; guideli nes for land use within th e T own as well as a la nd use <br />map ; and th e five e lements that mu st be addressed in orde r to co mpl y <br />with the state's Growing Smarter/Plu s statutory require me nts. A lso <br />included o n page 9 are some frequently as ked ques ti o ns and an s we rs <br />on th e G e neral P lan . The updated G e nera l Pl an is avail able on th e <br />Town's we bs ite or at the Community Developme nt De partme nt a t <br />Town Hall. <br />I am very pleased to report that our re lationship w ith neig hbo rin g c iti es is on a so und a nd cord ial basis . We re- <br />cently approved an inte rg overnme ntal agreement w ith the City of Scottsdale to underg round th e 69kv utility lin es a long <br />the west s id e of Scottsdale Road from Doubletree Ranch Roa d to Indian Bend Road in connection w ith th e ir Scottsd a le <br />Road widening proj ect. I want to thank the res ide nts from Cheney Estates and C he ney Pl ace, the Scotts dal e Plaza Res ort <br />and the Camelback Inn w ho have all gen e rou s ly contributed fund s for thi s und e rgroundin g project. The utility und e r- <br />grou nding is sche duled for early s pring, and th e road w id ening will fo ll ow late r in th e year. <br />The firs t phase of undergro undin g the large 69kv tran smi ss ion lin es a long Lin coln Drive was completed in early <br />2 002. The preliminary work for the second phase is sched ul ed to s tart in the summ er of 2003. Thi s will e nta il in stallin g <br />th e underground conduits in Mockingbird Lane south of Lincoln , a nd along McDonald Drive east to Scott sd a le Road. <br />The overhead lin es will be pl aced underground in 2004. Other undergrounding projec ts ar e on schedul e, with 19 di s tri cts <br />completed, 3 c urre ntl y unde r cons truction and 14 distric ts remaining to be d o n e. <br />The Counc il approved th e budget for fi sc al year 2002/03 in Jul y . A lthou g h most c itie s and ot her levels of gov- <br />e rnme nts are experie ncing a budget crunch due to c urre nt econo mi c condition s, the T own is fisca ll y sound , keeping ex - <br />penses wi thin o ur revenu es. In additi on to th e us ua l operating expenses , th e budget contains fundin g for several major <br />capital improve me nts, including th e Doubletree Ranch Road area drainage and street impro ve me nt and th e Tatum Boul e- <br />vard/McDonald Drive intersecti o n improveme nts. <br />Town Council me mbers h ave been ass igned to variou s s ub committees to review in detail s pec ific projects and <br />iss u es and th e n make recomme nd ations to th e Town Council. For exampl e, th e Mockingbird/lnvergordon/Northem Tas k <br />Force is lo oking at ways to improve th e safety and aesth e tic s of these three s treets . We look fo r ward to receivin g th e <br />T as k Force reco mm e nd ati o ns in the near future. Another group , th e Goldwater M e morial Advisory Committee, is mo v- <br />in g forward w ith pl a ns for a me morial for Senator Barry Goldwater at th e northeast corner of Linco ln Drive and Tatum <br />( Co ntinued 0 11 p age 3)