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THE MAYOR'S CORNER ... <br />T he tragic day of September 11 has left its mark on <br />each and every one of us. I want to offer our sympa - <br />thy and prayers to those who have lost loved ones, and we <br />hope that the Town's contribution to the Disaster Relief Fund <br />will help them in some small way . If there is a positive side to <br />these horrific events, it is that it has demonstrated to the <br />world our nation's resiliency and strength. We are united and <br />patriotic in our support of our country's leaders and our <br />troops. <br />I want to reassure our residents that the Town is prepared <br />to protect the lives and property of its citizens if necessary . <br />Earl ier th is year, the Town Counci l adopted a comprehensive <br />Emergency Operations Plan , which represents a partnership <br />of the 24 cities and towns in Maricopa County. Eac h commu - <br />nity is committed to ass ist each other and share resources in <br />an emergency. Additiona l informat io n about our emergency <br />preparedness plan can be found in the article on the front <br />page of this issue of the Town Reporter. <br />At th is time, we do not know specifica lly what the effect <br />will be on the Town's economica l and financial condition. But <br />I do want to stress that the Town is prepared to defer some <br />expend itures and adjust our budget as necessary. A substantia l portion of the Town's revenues come from the <br />sales and bed taxes collected from the resorts and restaurants . Construction permits generate another 25%, <br />and we antic ipate there will be a shortfal l in total revenues for fiscal year 2001/02. The Council is being up - <br />dated on a monthly basis as to the Town's financia l condition , so that appropriate budget adjustments can be <br />made if necessary. <br />The Town's cap ital projects program will not be affected since mon ies appropriated for road im provements <br />and underground utilities come from the Capita l Projects Accumulation Fund , whi c h was started in 1993 . The <br />capital improvement program for th is f iscal year is und erwa y, and work has already been comp leted on the re- <br />surfacing of Linco ln Drive. Other projects budgeted for this year include the 69kv ut ili ty underground ing in the <br />Lincoln Drive corridor and road repairs and resurfacing at other locations in the Town. <br />Although the events of September 11 will be etched in our minds forever, we will continue to be resilient and <br />strong. As residents of a smal l community and citizens of a great nation, we will continue to live our lives as <br />free men and women in a democratic society, and we will continue to pray for those less fortunate. God bless <br />America . <br />Edward Lowry , Mayor