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THE MAYOR'S CORNER <br />It is a real privilege for me to serve as your Mayor for a second tenn. <br />Your new Council was seated on June 8, 2000, at which time we drew lots to <br />put into effect the staggered terms that were approved by voters in the 1998 <br />election. Council Members Barry, Clarke and Simpson drew two year terms, <br />and Council Members Schweiker, Winkler and I drew four year terms. This <br />left the remaining four year term for the presently vacant Council seat. <br />The untimely death of Council Member Robert A. Williams in April <br />created a vacancy on the Council. Council Member Williams was deemed <br />elected as of the primary, but could not take office until June 8. Therefore, <br />there was no vacancy that could be filled before that time. Since this vacancy <br />could not filled until June 8, and since many Town residents were vacationing <br />during the summer months, the Council believed it would be best to wait until <br />September to start the process of appointing a resident to fill this vacancy. <br />There is no provision under State law or the Town Code that would allow us <br />to call a special election. In fact, our state statute provides that, "the Council <br />shall fill by appointment ... " any unexpired term that may occur. In early Sep- <br />tember, residents were invited to apply for the Council seat and this applica- <br />tion period was held open for almost one month. The Council will now inter- <br />view the applicants and select one for appointment to complete the unexpired <br />term of Council Member Williams. <br />The Town's first "all mail ballot" Primary Election was a tremen- <br />dous success, and we expect to continue the vote by mail process in the fu- <br />ture. Voter participation was 30% for the Primary Election and 32% for the General Election. This is a significant increase <br />when compared to the 16%voter participation in 1998. <br />Our relations with the City of Scottsdale continue to improve, and we are currently working with them on their Scotts- <br />dale Road widening project, scheduled for next year. Our Council will also be having a joint meeting with the Scottsdale City <br />Council in mid-October. <br />After 40 years, thanks to the fine work of our staff, Council Member Winkler and many others, the scar on the south <br />side of Mummy Mountain has been permanently removed. The scar that was inflicted on the mountain before the Town was <br />incorporated has long been perhaps our biggest eye sore. Now, thanks to a great deal of thought and hard work, this scar on <br />Mummy Mountain is gone for good. <br />The budget for fiscal year 2000/200 I was approved in July. In addition to usual operating expenses, this budget con- <br />tains capital improvement funding for a number of projects, including the 69kv utility undergrounding project on Lincoln <br />Drive, completion of three APS undergrounding districts, the pavement overlay of Lincoln Drive when the undergrounding <br />work is completed, and completion of the Town's sewer flow monitoring stations. <br />The existing programs to underground utility lines continue to move forward on schedule with 17 districts complete <br />and 19 districts remaining. The first phase of undergrounding the large 69kv transmission lines is well underway along Lincoln <br />Drive, and is described in more detail in our first article. <br />We will continue to manage our increasing traffic using photo radar and red light camera enforcement, speed display <br />trailers, neighborhood speed watch, motorcycle enforcement, special task forces, and parking enforcement Traffic calming <br />plans are being developed for several neighborhoods in the Town, including the Stanford Drive/Palo Cristi neighborhood, 40th <br />Street, Quail Run, and others. Additionally, another red light camera will be going in at the intersection of Tatum and McDon- <br />ald Drive. <br />Over the past months your Town Council has taken a number of steps to improve the operation of Town government <br />and address a number of important quality of life issues. Some of these are the updating of the Town fee schedule, which was <br />last revised in 1992; the adoption of an ethics policy for the Town; and publishing each week in the Paradise Valley <br />(Continued on page 3) Mayor's Comer