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THE MAYOR'S CORNER <br />Primary Election <br />On December 8, 1995, I submitted <br />my petitions to run for election to the <br />Paradise Valley Town Council. I had given <br />a great deal of thought to whether I should <br />run again. <br />As the deadline approached, there <br />was some question as to who would <br />actually submit petitions, and I made the choice , somewhat reluctantly, to join that <br />group of candidates. <br />After discovering that there were a sufficient number of candidates, I <br />reconsidered my decision. <br />I have served the Town for fifteen of the seventeen years that I have lived <br />in Paradise Valley: three on the Board of Adjustment; six on the Planning and <br />Zoning Commission; and six (as of April, 1996) on the Town Council. It has <br />been a rewarding fifteen years, and I am glad that I had the opportunity to <br />contribute to the Town. <br />With the diversified choice of candidates now running , I feel that the time <br />has come for me to pursue other interests. Therefore, I am withdrawing my name <br />and will not run for re-election. <br />It has been a privilege to serve the Town and to work with our dedicated <br />staff. If there is any way I can help the Town in the future, I would be most happy <br />to do so. <br />JOAN HORNE, MAYOR <br />-2- <br />l