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The Mayor's <br />Corner <br />Mayor Rob er t W. Pl enge <br />Commu.nication b etween <br />Town Hall and Citize ns <br />As we approach the end of 1989 and I <br />reflect upon the successes and short· <br />comings of our Town Council, I wou ld <br />like to share some thoughts with you. <br />First, it has been a period of relative <br />stability and one wi thout some of the <br />hurdles of years past. We have not had <br />to fend off those who would convert <br />our Town from a residential commun· <br />ity to one dotted with commercial <br />development. We have received sup· <br />port and cooperation from residents <br />and deve lopers for our program of <br />e liminating utili ty poles and under· <br />grounding lines and cables. We have <br />seen positive results from our higher <br />standards and stricter enforcement of <br />weed control and property mainten· <br />ance. And I am sure you are aware <br />of street improvements on Lincoln, <br />Mockingbird and the Ta tum curve. <br />Those of you who have visited the <br />Town Hall or Police Department dur· <br />ing business hours have probably <br />noticed a busy organization working in <br />very close quarters, particula rl y since <br />the addition of several police officers. <br />We are concerned a lso with the con& <br />tion and appearance o f the yard where <br />our street cleaning and other equip· <br />ment is serviced. Therefore, the Town <br />recently acquired additional property <br />along Lincoln east of the Town Hall for <br />potential new faci li ties. We currently <br />have a sub-committee working on pre· <br />lim inary p lans toward that end. <br />I began by referring to the Town <br />Council. I am pleased to te ll you t hat <br />we have a dedicated group of men and <br />women who work well together. Cer· <br />ta in ly there are differences of opinions, <br />and decisions are not always unani· <br />mous. However, there is an underlying <br />spirit of respect and cooperation wh ich <br />a ll ows us to solve problems and man· <br />age the Town's business effectively. <br />On February 6, 1990 you will have an <br />opport,unity to select a new Council. It <br />is my opinion that whi le experience <br />and continuity are important, it is a lso <br />good to have "new blood" involved <br />periodically. If there are t hose who you <br />believe should serve the Town in some <br />capacity, encourage them to get <br />involved. Elsewhere in th is Town <br />Reporter you will learn how to become <br />a candidate for Town Council. P lease <br />feel free to call me or the Town Clerk, <br />May Ann Brines for further <br />information . <br />New Police <br />Facility Planned <br />In order to maintain their high level of <br />excell ence, the Paradise Va ll ey Police <br />Department is looking forward to <br />expanded quarters. Over the years, <br />the addition of new officers, computer· <br />ized systems and expanded services <br />has exceeded the capabilities of the <br />present building and created the need <br />for a larger facility. <br />TOWN BBPDBTBR <br />TOWN OF PARADISE VALLEY ::'.:.::; ~~~~~~·::.;~~ ..... , <br />Published periodically by th e Town Counci l <br />The Town Council has approved <br />$750,000 in seed money from the cur· <br />rent fiscal budget to get the project <br />underway. The project will extend into <br />next fisca l year with additional budget <br />allocations. The Town will issue an <br />RF P for architectural services in the <br />next month . <br />Street <br />Improvement <br />Projects Update <br />• MacDonald Drive · 59th P lace to <br />Town's east boundary <br />Street will be repaved with the addition <br />of curbs. MacDonald will remain a 35 <br />MPH, two -lane street wit h a turn lan e. <br />Federal funds are expected for a por· <br />tion of this project. <br />• MacDonald/Ta tum intersection <br />realignment <br />Various designs are under discussion. <br />$500,000 has been b udgeted from the <br />1989-90 fisca l year for th is project. <br />• Mockingbird Lane south o f Lincoln <br />Drive v'.i ill be resurfaced and all but the <br />69 kV lines will be undergrounded. <br />Bike paths and landscaping wi ll be <br />added. $230,000 has been budgeted. <br />• Tatum curve realignment <br />The major portion of construction is <br />scheduled for completion by October <br />15, 1989. This will include signal li ghts <br />and road striping. A firm has been <br />h ired to design and implement pedes· <br />trian paths, bike paths and landscaping <br />a long Tatum Boulevard. <br />Mayor Offic e Home <br />Robert W. Plenge 948· 7 411 948·0406 <br />Vice Mayo r <br />Joan R. Lincol n 948-7411 948-58 13 <br />Councilmen <br />John E. Mill er, Jr. 948-7411 948-79 15 <br />Sara D. Moya 948-741 1 99 1-1 906 <br />Ri chard R. Mybeck 948-74 11 948 -2243 <br />ScottH.O'Connor 948-74 11 99 1-5597 <br />Kent D. Wick 948-741 1 95 1-9099 <br />Town Manager <br />Joh n L. Baudek 948-74 11 <br />Town Clerk <br />Mary A nn Bri nes 948-7411 <br />Polic e Chief <br />Donald D. Lozier 948-741 8 <br />(Em ergency) 911