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'fhe Mayor's <br />Corner <br />Mayor Robert W. Plenge <br />Communication between <br />Town Hall and Citizens <br />Photo Radar <br />There is probably no subject about <br />which I receive more comments and <br />questions, particularly from those who <br />live outside of our Town borders, than <br />photo radar. <br />The results of the first full year of <br />photo radar traffic surveillance indicate <br />that the device has lived up to its <br />promise. The average speed on the <br />Town's major roads has been signifi- <br />cantly lowe red and traffic accidents <br />have been reduced by approximately <br />39%. In human terms, photo radar has <br />prevented an average of fifteen acci- <br />dents per month. We urge all re sidents <br />to continue to support our photo radar <br />program ... it's a life saver. <br />Utility Line Undergrounding <br />I'm pleased to report that a key ele- <br />ment of our Town's beautification pro- <br />gram -the first phase of the utility lin e <br />undergrounding -will soon be com- <br />pleted. Within weeks, the poles will <br />start to come down on the recently <br />completed reconstruction of Mocking- <br />bird between Lincoln & Northern. As <br />a result of the recent agreement with <br />APS, the cost of this program will be <br />shared equally between the Town and <br />APS. The next phase of the program - <br />a face-lift to the APS substation on <br />Lincoln Drive -will be underway this <br />spring. Other undergrounding projects <br />are on the drawing board. <br />Tatum Curve <br />The long awaited reconstruction of the <br />Tatum Curve will begin in early March <br />and we expect to be finished by the <br />end of the summer. We will do our <br />best to minimize the inconveniences to <br />motorists by keeping two lanes south <br />open in the morning and two lanes <br />north open in the afternoon. We will <br />also be closely policing traffic which <br />cuts through residential areas between <br />Lincoln and Shea. <br />Lincoln Drive <br />The federally funded Lincoln Drive <br />rotomill overlay project, previously <br />scheduled for November 1988, was <br />delayed because of paperwork prob- <br />lems with the Arizona Department of <br />Transportation. We anticipate that the <br />two -week project to resurface Lincoln <br />Drive from Tatum to Scottsdale Road <br />will be started very soon. <br />Mountain Preserve <br />One of the long range goals of the <br />Town is to build on our mountain pre- <br />serve. Thanks to the generosity of the <br />Marriott Corporation, we will soon <br />receive a gift of approximately 41 acres <br />from the Camelback Inn. The parcel <br />extends up the southern slope of <br />Mummy Mountain behind the Camel- <br />back Inn and will bring our mountain <br />preserve total to 188 acres. I wish to <br />thank Mr. Wynn Tyner, General Man- <br />ager, with whom we have been nego- <br />tiating for many months, for his sup- <br />port on this project. <br />Your Town Council <br />Those of us who serve you on the <br />Town Council are committed to doing <br />everything we can to keep our Town <br />the finest place in the Valley in which <br />to live. We will be giving special atten- <br />tion during the remainder of 1989 to <br />traffic safety, to improving our street <br />and road systems and to beautification <br />projects. I will be pleased to hear from <br />you if you wish to share your thoughts <br />with the Town Council. <br />Community Information 81.. Referral Service <br />For more than twenty-three years, <br />Community Information & Referral <br />Service has been helping Arizona resi- <br />dents. If you have any questions or <br />problems regarding community ser· <br />vices, this is the agency to call. Their <br />highly trained staff will be able to quickly <br />TOWN BEPOBTBR <br />TOWN OF PARADISE VALLEY :~·~:~:;~~.~~~".~::~~ ...... <br />Published periodically by the Town Council <br />assist you with information and/or refer- <br />rals. They are skilled at assessing the <br />problem, sensitive to special needs and <br />very knowledgeable about community <br />services. And you can call them 24 <br />hours a day, every day. Their phone <br />number is 263-8856. <br />Mayor Office Home <br />Robert W. Plenge 948-7 411 948-0406 <br />Vlce Mayor <br />Joan R. Lincoln 948-7411 948-5813 <br />Councilmen <br />John E. Miller, Jr. 948-7411 948-7915 <br />Sara D. Moya 948-7411 991-1906 <br />Richard R. Mybeck 948-7411 948-2243 <br />Scott H. O'Connor 948-7411 991-5597 <br />Kent D. Wick 948-7411 951-9099 <br />Town Manager <br />John L. Baudek 948-7411 <br />Town Clerk <br />Mary Ann Brines 948-7 411 <br />Police Chief <br />Donald D. Lozier 948-7418 <br />(Emergency) 911