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The Mayor's Corner <br />Communication between Town Hall and Citizens <br />Mayor Robert W. Plenge <br />On Apirl 14, seven Councilmen elect <br />were sworn in to represent residents <br />of the Town for the next two years. I <br />believe these men and women will <br />serve you well as did those on the <br />last Council. We all owe a special debt <br />of gratitude to Russ Mosser, Jim <br />Coffee and Dick Andeen who per- <br />formed ably and unselfishly during the <br />1986-1988 period. <br />One of the first tasks the new Council <br />faces is to define its goals and aspi - <br />rations for the year ahead. Next <br />month we will hold a planning session <br />to tabulate and prioritize our ideas. I <br />urge all Town residents to contact me <br />or any Council member to off er sug- <br />gestions or advice to that end. <br />I would like to share with you some of <br />my thoughts. Although I am very <br />proud of our Town, there is obviously <br />room for improvement. As I drive <br />through our neighborhoods, I cannot <br />help but notice vacant properties, and <br />sometimes yards around homes, <br />which are unattractive. The Town <br />recently strengthened an ordinance <br />which prohibits the accumulation of <br />trash and debris and which outlines <br />penalties for violations. <br />During the past few months, I ordered <br />our building inspector to cite several <br />property owners for failing to comply <br />with that ordinance. However, the real <br />key to well kept streets and yards is <br />pride not penalties. I would therefore <br />like to ask each of you to do your part <br />to make our Town beautiful and to <br />encourage your neighbors to do <br />likewise. <br />Of course, there are things our Town <br />government must do also. Not long <br />ago we had the corners of Tatum and <br />Lincoln cleaned up, and more recently <br />we required the owner of the property <br />at Scottsdale and Cheney Roads to <br />remove the trash which had been <br />dumped there. Perhaps you have <br />noticed an improvement in the <br />appearance of grounds around the <br />Town Hall. That is the beginning of a <br />campaign to make the Town Hall <br />complex a greater source of pride. <br />You will see other such improvements <br />in the months ahead. <br />It is also the Town Council's respon- <br />sibility to maintain and improve our <br />street and road system. That includes <br />not only construction but also the <br />sweeping and cleaning of existing <br />streets. I have asked our maintenance <br />department to tell me what equipment <br />and personnel it needs to do a better <br />job of street cleaning. We will consider <br />those requests at our upcoming <br />budget planning sessions. <br />I'd like to make 1988 a "Year of Pride". <br />I'll make sure your Town government <br />does its share. Let me know what <br />you think. <br />TOWN REPORTER <br />TOWN OF PARADISE VALLEY~';.~'.;;~~~~~;·,:;~~ ... ,., <br />Published periodically by the Town Council <br />Budget Time <br />This is the time of year when the <br />Town government starts working on <br />its budget for the next fiscal year, <br />which begins July 1. <br />Each department head submits a <br />budget request to the Town Manager <br />which includes annual operating <br />expenses, personnel requirements and <br />expenditures for capital outlay. The <br />Town Council and the public also <br />submit items for inclusion in the <br />budget at this time. Citizens are <br />encouraged to contact the Town <br />Manager with their suggestions. <br />Desired street and roadway improve - <br />ments, as well as other public projects, <br />such as recreational paths and <br />improvement district participation, are <br />listed with their estimated costs. At <br />this point expenses are pared to meet <br />the state-imposed expenditure limit <br />and to bring outgo in line with income. <br />The Council will hold working sessions <br />to consider which new projects can be <br />funded in the coming year. The public <br />is welcome to attend these meetings <br />and comment. <br />The result is the Tentative Budget <br />which will be adopted in June. This <br />Tentative Budget is then published <br />and made available for inspection by <br />the public at the Town Hall. <br />The last step is a public hearing at <br />which the Final Budget is adopted. By <br />law this must take place on or before <br />the second Monday in August. As a <br />practical matter we like to adopt our <br />budget as close to July 1 as possible. <br />Mayor Office <br />Robert W. Plenge 948-7411 <br />Vice Mayor <br />Joan R. Lincoln 948-7411 <br />Councilmen <br />John E. Miller, Jr. 948-7411 <br />Sara D. Moya 948-7411 <br />Richard R. Mybeck 948-7411 <br />Scott H. O'Connor 948-7411 <br />Kent D. Wick 948-7411 <br />Town Manager <br />John L. Baudek 948-7411 <br />Town Clerk <br />Mary Ann Brines 948-7411 <br />Police Chief <br />Donald D. Lozier 948-7418 <br />(Emergency) 911 <br />Home <br />948-0406 <br />948-5813 <br />948-7915 <br />991-1906 <br />948-2243 <br />991-5597 <br />951-9099