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The Mayor's Corner <br />Communication between Town Hall and Citizens <br />Mayor Robert W. Plenge <br />The Town of Paradise Valley has <br />frequently been chall enged to defend <br />it s phi losophy of maintaining a quiet <br />r esidential li festyle. On March 27 , <br />1987 the most serious threat in the <br />Town's 26 year history came in the <br />form of a letter signed by 14 State <br />Senators and Representatives. We <br />were issued an ultimatum. We must <br />e ither accommodate a land specu- <br />lator who recently purchased several <br />parcels a long Scottsdale Road by <br />rezoning his property to allow for <br />commercial development or the <br />Senate would pass SB 1433 which <br />wou ld permit him to deannex from <br />the Town. <br />TOWN REPORTER <br />TOWN OF FAMDISE VALLEY ~~0~::.;:~~,~~t:.::~~ ... ,,, <br />Published periodically by the Town Council <br />Since that date, I, and other members <br />of your Council, have spent count- <br />less hours talking with and writing to <br />Senators who endorsed the Bill. At <br />the present time, it has been withheld <br />from the Senate floor while a study <br />is being conducted by Gruen Asso- <br />ciates on a lt ernate land uses along <br />our major arterials. <br />Interestingly, as the Bill was drafted, <br />it would apply only to Towns with <br />populations of 12,000 or less. It is the <br />most b latant special interest legisla- <br />tion one can imagine. When I met <br />with Senator Usdane and others <br />who signed the letter, I suggested <br />that if allowing an unhappy developer <br />to deannex is a good idea, then the <br />Bill should apply to a ll cities and <br />towns regardless of size. A bill which <br />would apply to all communities would <br />not be politically possible, of course, <br />and hence the bill was designed <br />specifically to break Paradise Valley. <br />That's the bad news. The good news <br />is that I believe that we have made <br />great progress in persuading a num- <br />ber of Senators that it would be <br />catastrophic for the State to take <br />away a municipality 's right to <br />determine its own zoning . Senator <br />Pete Corpstein has been particularly <br />helpful toward that end. However, <br />the battle is still being waged. Shortly <br />after we have the results of the <br />Gruen study, the Town Council will <br />hold public hearings at which time I <br />Mayor <br />Robert W. Plenge <br />Vice Mayor <br />Joan R. Lincoln <br />Councilmen <br />Richard E. And een <br />James D . Coffee <br />Russell W. Mosser <br />Sara D . Moya <br />Kent D. Wick <br />Town Manager <br />Office <br />948-74 11 <br />948-7411 <br />948-741 1 <br />948-7411 <br />948-7411 <br />948-7411 <br />948-7411 <br />• John L. Baudek 948-7411 <br />Town Clerk <br />Mary Ann Brines 948-741 1 <br />Police Chief <br />Donald D . Lozier 948-7418 <br />(Emergency) 911 <br />Home <br />948-0406 <br />948-5813 <br />948-6422 <br />991-08 11 <br />948-9947 <br />991-1906 <br />951-9099 <br />Have a Good Summer <br />invite each of you to attend. In the <br />meantime, if you would like to write <br />to me with your comments, I will be <br />pleased to hear from you. <br />To turn to other areas of interest, <br />the Town Council recently voted to <br />improve Tatum at the Mockingbird <br />curve and the engineering work is <br />now in progress. In May we passed a <br />smoking ordinance which provides <br />that restaurants must allocate at <br />least 25 % of their seating capacities <br />for non-smokers. And we initiated a <br />1 % bed tax which will generate rev- <br />enue from overnight guests at our <br />resorts. We expect to use those <br />funds for several purposes including <br />street and road improvements which <br />will make our Town more attractiv e <br />for visitors and residents alike. <br />Remember that your Council mem- <br />bers and Town Hall staff are here to <br />represent and serve you. Please <br />contact any of us with your sugges- <br />tions and requests.