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------1 <br />The Episcopal Parish <br />of Christ Church of the Ascension <br />4015 East Lincoln Drive <br />The Reverend Dan J. Gerrard, Rector <br />Sunday Worship Services -7:30, 10:00 a.m., <br />6:00 p .m . ' <br />Wednesdays -7:00 a.m., 10 :00 a.m . <br />Assis tants -The Rev. M . Keith Andrews, The Rev. A. <br />Wendell G unn, The Rev. John Linsley. The Rev. Charles <br />V. Young . <br />Bible Study -7:30 p .m. first and third Mondays of the <br />month. <br />Adult Church School Study -9:00 Sunday mornings . <br />Church · School for Children -10:00 Sunday <br />mornings . <br />M embe rship 1983 -1,400 baptiz ed members; 475 <br />families . <br />THE <br />MAYOR'S <br />CORNER <br />Church es play an important role in our community . <br />In addition to their spiritual influence, they provide <br />re c r eation , cou ns e ling, ins truction a nd social <br />enrichment . <br />Re cog niz ing the value of a religious environment, we <br />are dedi ca ting this issue of Town Reporter to the fifteen <br />houses of worship lo cated in the Town of Paradise Valley. <br />Religious ins titutions r epresent t he largest non- <br />r esidential land u se in the Town. Becau se they enhance <br />our residential community we have strongly encouraged <br />th e growth and development of c hurc hes a nd <br />syn agogues. <br />We are proud to have a high number o f r eligious institu- <br />tions in the Town, and we hope you w ill regularly sup- <br />port and a ttend the c hurc h of your c hoice. <br />YOUTH MINISTRIES: u· ~ , n <br />Junior High School students meet the first and third . ~ ~..A..n:A(.. <br />Tuesdays of the month at the Church a t 6:00 p.m. <br />High Sch ool young people meet a t the church at 7:30 J. uncan Brock, Mayor <br />on Sunday evenings . <br />Young Adults (College through 39 year olds ) m eet once <br />a month -meeting to be announced each time. <br />WOMEN 'S MINIST RIE S: <br />The Church Women hold luncheons with speakers or <br />crafts or fun occasions about twice a month. Call the <br />C hurch to find out the schedule. <br />T h e Church has a beautiful Memorial Garde n for cre- <br />mains and this is open to the public for purc hases of <br />crypts. Call the Church for a brochure . <br />At present a p a tio is b eing designed and it is hoped to <br />have it co mpleted during 1984 . <br />FRIENDS OF MUSIC : <br />This committee invites mus ical t a lent to p erform <br />about four times a year at the Church. The upcoming <br />events are : <br />Dec. 11 -Advent C horal Evensong with choirs and <br />so loist s and guest harpis t and instrumentalis ts. 5:00 p.m. <br />Feb. 11-12 -Religious Art Festival -ecclesiastic <br />artifacts on exhibit Saturday 2-5 p.m., Sunday 2 -7 p .m. <br />At 5 :00 p.m. on Sunday the Sunrise Strings of Scottsdale <br />will perform w ith the church choir and organist. <br />March 14 -Shrove Tuesday dinner and entertainment <br />-A Religious Operetta. <br />March 25 -Lenten Choral Evensong with so lois ts and <br />choirs. 5:00 p.m. <br />The narrative concerning each <br />religious institution represented in <br />this publication was supplied by <br />the i ndividual church or <br />synagog ue. We ext end our sin ce re <br />thanks to them for their interest <br />and cooperation . <br />TOWN REPORTER <br />Pub lished periodica ll y by the Town Counci l <br />J . Duncan Brock, Mayor <br />John V. Long , Vice Mayor <br />Councilmen <br />William M. Fulton Joan R. Lincoln <br />Richard H. Baxter Robert W. Plenge <br />Oscar A. Butt <br />Town Manager <br />William J. Simon <br />948-7411 <br />Mary Ann Brines <br />Town Clerk