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Mayor's Corner <br />Budget t im e i s here aga in . A l- <br />though by l aw, the final budget <br />does not have to be accepted <br />unt il August 8, we always try to <br />have the preliminary budget r eady <br />for p ublic h ear ings by May, and <br />to h ave this ava ilab l e to t he cit i- <br />ze ns at the Town Hall until the <br />last meeting i n Jun e when f ina l <br />hear ings ar e held. Th is way we <br />have th e m ax i mum op portunity <br />for c itize n input before so m e of <br />the peop l e lea ve the V a ll ey to <br />escape the h eat. <br />This is the time when proj ects <br />which requ ire larg e ex pend itures <br />of Town f un ds are added o r de- <br />leted. It i s probab ly the m ost i m- <br />porta nt Counci l meeting an inter - <br />ested c itizen co uld atte nd . A fter <br />fund s for a proj ect hav e b een <br />authori zed by in clu sio n in t he <br />budget, impl em en t ati o n i s begun, <br />ag r eeme nts enter ed into, co n- <br />tracts may be si gn ed , and part of <br />the funds expe nded. Logically, <br />the l onger a project i s in the <br />works, the more d ifficu It it is to <br />rev er se . Or if funds ar e not in - <br />clu ded, this is th e tim e to con sid - <br />er add ing th em when t he Counci l <br />pl ans for the year ahead. <br />So m ake a n ote to w atc h for <br />the lega l h ea rin g not ice in the <br />Scottsda l e Progr ess or ca ll Town <br />Hall to f ind o ut when t he prelimi- <br />nary budget hea ring wi ll be held. <br />C rackdown On <br />Speeders Increases <br />Citations To 350 -400 <br />A Month; Fines Are <br />Higher, Too. <br />Last year about 100 traffic viola- <br />tion tickets we r e issued a month by <br />the Town Marshal and deputi es. <br />Sin ce January, that number has in - <br />crea sed to around 350-400 citati ons <br />a month. <br />Speed in g vi o l ation fines h ave <br />gone up, too. Drivers ci ted for travel- <br />ing one to nine mi l es per hour above <br />the speed li mit ar e now pay ing $12, <br />ten to 14 miles per hour above t he <br />limit now costs $17 , and 15 to 19 <br />mph above t he limit i s now $27.50 . <br />Frowns may be worn by Paradise <br />V all ey motorists who ignore these <br />new re minder s in stal led at the <br />su ggest ion of one of the Town's <br />deputy m ar sha l s. Scottsda le Prog - <br />ress photo by Bob J oh nsto ne <br />B ikes are des igned for one rid er on l y ! <br />I f t h er e is no b i ke path, ride w ith traffic and obey all traffic laws. <br />K eep watching. <br />E <br />p <br />xe r c i se extreme cautio n at all t imes and en joy the Town's 12 <br />mil es of bike pa ths. <br />lease, no m oto ri zed vehic les on paths. <br />A lways u se bike paths when they ar e av ail ab le. <br />T ake no chances. <br />H el p keep our roadways clean and do n't litter as you ride. <br />S top and d i smo unt when cross ing st r eets.