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TOWN REPORTER Ten cand idates vie for Town Council <br />TOWN °1 PAM0111 VALLEY :~·:::;:~::::~~-· seats in Fe bruary 3 prima ry elec ti on <br />p e riodi ca lly by th e <br />Town Council <br />Barbara vonAmmon, Mayor <br />Oscar C. Palmer, Sr., Vice-Mayor <br />J. Duncan Brock <br />H. Wyman Hitchcock <br />L. Barry Palmer <br />Jeffrey R. Timbanard <br />Peter S. Wainwright <br />Oscar A. Butt <br />Town M a nage r <br />Mary Ann Brines <br />Town Cl erk <br />602/948-7411 <br />Volume 8 No . 1 <br />Census shows 24% <br />growth far T awn <br />The Federal Bureau of <br />Cen s u s recently completed a <br />mid-decade census ( this i s a <br />special census taken during <br />the year ending i n "5" rather <br />than at the e nd of the dec- <br />ade ) for Maricopa Coun ty. <br />The preliminary count for the <br />T own indicates our popula- <br />tion h as risen from 7,155 as <br />of April 1, 1970, to 9,017, as <br />of October 15, 1975. <br />While this figure is prelim- <br />inary and subject to review <br />it is believed to be substan- <br />tially correct. The number of <br />housing units counted in the <br />Town was 2,863. The Cen sus <br />Bureau officials and the <br />Town Hall staff wish to <br />t h ank our residents who co- <br />operated so courteously with <br />the enumerators. It took 18 <br />enumerators and field super- <br />visors 1,190 h ours of work to <br />complete the census for the <br />Town. <br />The Town of Paradise Valley <br />Primary E lection will be h eld on <br />T u esday, February 3, 1976. As <br />in t h e past, the only polling place <br />will be the Town Hall, 6401 E. <br />Lincoln Drive. To be eli gibl e to <br />vote you must be a resident of <br />the Town a nd h ave been register- <br />ed by December 15, 1975. Lists <br />of registered voters from the <br />Maricopa County Voter's Regis- <br />tration Department will b e used <br />to verify eli gibili ty of residents. <br />The polls will be open from 6:00 <br />a . m. to 7:00 p. m. <br />Once again the Town will be <br />emplo y in g CES ( Computer Elec- <br />tion Systems) e quipment, furnish- <br />ed at no c h arge by the Maricopa <br />County E lections Department. <br />Pun ch card ballots will be uti- <br />li zed, a nd the Ballotab counting <br />device will deliver an accurate <br />vote count within minutes after <br />the poll clo ses. <br />There are t en candidates run- <br />ning for seven Council seats. Five <br />are incumbents, Mayor Barbara <br />vonAmmon, and Councilm en J. <br />Duncan Brock, L. Barry Palm er, <br />Jeffrey R. Timbanard, a nd Peter <br />S . Wainwright. Of the other five <br />candidates, George Adams was <br />Chairman of the Citizens Goals <br />Committee on Utilities, Jon Bon- <br />nell serves on the Planning and <br />Zoning Commission, Robert Le- <br />Marr was Chairman of the Citi- <br />zens Goa ls Committee on Land <br />Use, John V. Long is a past pres i- <br />dent of the Paradise Valley <br />Homeowners' Association, a n d <br />R ichard My beck serves on the <br />Board of Adjustmen ts. <br />The Candidates' names will be <br />placed on the ballot in alphabeti- <br />cal order. This order was deter- <br />mined at the Council meeting of <br />December 18, wh en a drawing was <br />held to pick the firs t name in the <br />2 <br />a lphabetical sequ ence. The name <br />drawn was t h at of George Adams, <br />so his name will appear first on <br />the ballot. <br />In order for a candidate to be <br />elected at the primary h e must <br />Candidates ' Forum <br />on Friday, Jan. 23 <br />A Candid ate's Forum will <br />be held on t h e night of Jan- <br />uary 23, 1976, at 7:3 0 p. m . <br />at t h e Town Hall. After 30 <br />minutes of informal c h atting, <br />at 8:00 p. m., Town Manager <br />O scar Butt will introduce <br />each candidate who will be <br />g iv en an opportunity to say <br />a few words. <br />After the candidates' re- <br />marks, t h ere will be a ques- <br />t ion and a n swer session, fol- <br />lowed by another period of <br />informal exch ange when r esi- <br />d ents may meet and talk to <br />any candida te they choose on <br />a on e -to-one basis. <br />receiv e a majority of votes. At <br />the l ast e lection, three candidates <br />we re elected at the primary, by <br />virtue of h aving over half the <br />voters cast ballots for them. The <br />remaining four Council seats were <br />filled at the General Elec tion or <br />runoff, between the next e ight <br />candidates with the most votes. <br />S hould all the candidates re- <br />ceive a majority of votes in the <br />primary election, then those seven <br />candidates with the highest num- <br />b e r of votes receiv e d wo uld be <br />e lected. Even though candidates <br />may be elected at the primary, <br />they are conside red e lected as of <br />the date of the ge n eral election , <br />whi ch will be Monday, March 29, <br />1976.