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Town Hall from page one <br />transacted in Helen Marston's <br />back bedroom. Later, when it be- <br />came necessary to provide police <br />protection and road maintenance, <br />we were able to rent the space <br />which we now occupy." <br />With crowded conditions, he <br />emphasized, "a leaky roof, and <br />termites trying to take over, <br />the con struction of the new build- <br />ing comes none too soon. Good <br />government demands good facil- <br />ities. I believe the Town of Para- <br />dise Valley is truly a town in tran- <br />sition. We are grow ing up." <br />Growth in mind <br />The building committee, Mayor <br />Tribken pointed out, has looked <br />ahead under the able direction of <br />Jack Huntress a nd forecast the <br />future n eeds of the Town. "Our <br />Town Hall has been planned with <br />growth in mind. The street com- <br />pound h as been s ignifi cantly en- <br />larged to provide for much-needed <br />expansion of servic es in that de- <br />partment. The Marshal's depart- <br />ment and the administrative of- <br />fices a lso reflect the additional <br />staff a nd services which will have <br />to be provided as the Town grows. <br />The Council room will provide <br />comfortable, well-equipped sur- <br />roundings for a ll public meetings." <br />The so und and visual equip- <br />ment will make the room func- <br />tional for a variety of uses and <br />organizations, he pointed out. <br />"The Court Room will be another <br />multi-purpose room , adapting it- <br />self also to small private meetings. <br />The new post office with its im- <br />proved facilities will be appreci- <br />ated by patrons and staff. <br />"It is our hope that the Town <br />Hall will represent to a ll citizens, <br />a "home", an oasis, in our desert." <br />Mayor Tribken paid tribute to <br />Jack Huntress: "It is large ly <br />through his efforts that we are <br />assembled today. Not only did <br />h e co n ceive t he idea; he managed <br />to operate the Town on a thrifty <br />budget . . . enabling us to pay <br />cash for the building, a remark- <br />able achievement for any munici- <br />pality, particularly one with no <br />town tax." <br />New Town Historian <br />He described Helen Marston as <br />"the first Town Clerk, t he first <br />manager, the first building in - <br />spec tor, the first postal clerk and <br />the first street s up erintendent. At <br />one time she was t he entire Town <br />sta ff, working at home without <br />pay." Mrs. Marston is now Town <br />Historian. <br />The n ext assembly on t he s it e , <br />Mayor Tribken said, would be to <br />d e d ica te the new building, the <br />firs t Town Hall, which will sym- <br />bolize the progress of our Town." <br />2 <br />MAYOR TRIBKEN KEEPS <br />remarks brief as invited <br />friends attend pleasant <br />ceremony on sunny af- <br />ternoon in lee of Camel- <br />back Mountain. <br />Townspeople from page one <br />opportunity to express it, he told <br />Town Reporter. <br />Mr. Huntress pointed out that <br />no public fund raising campaign <br />was planned "with a lot of pub- <br />licity hoop ala. That is not the <br />Town way. Nevertheless, we do <br />hope that some of us will want to <br />acknowledge the pride we take in <br />the co mmunity we are building." <br />Members of the committee <br />serving with Mr. Huntress are: E. <br />Robert Tribken, M ayor; Council- <br />men Barbara von Ammon, Oscar <br />C. Palmer, Sr., a nd Harold A. <br />Donegan, Jr.; former town mar- <br />s hal Lester C. Naumann, Archi- <br />tect Mic hael Goodwin and Town <br />Manager Oscar Butt. <br />Some Town Hall facilities were <br />suggested as appropriate as me- <br />m orials, suitably acknowledged <br />with permanent plaques. Among <br />these are the courtyard fountain, <br />the Council M eeting Table, Com- <br />munity Room furnishings, Memor- <br />ial Flag and fl agstaffs, gardens <br />and planters. <br />Others which might attract <br />general donations include night <br />li ghting, parking, reception desks <br />and lobby furnishings. <br />Contributions are deductible <br />items from Federal income tax. <br />Checks can be made p ayabl e to <br />Town of Paradise Valley, treas- <br />urer, Bui!ding fund Committee. A <br />committee member will be calling <br />on interested citizens on request.