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NEW SPEEDGUN is <br />e ffective weapon in <br />preventing a cci- <br />dents and enforcing <br />traffic control. Here <br />Deputy Marshal <br />Norman Johnson <br />a ims hand held ra- <br />dar unit a t speed- <br />ing vehicle. Speed- <br />gun clocks v iolators <br />and r e cords their <br />speed inside unit. <br />The new $1 ,000 pur- <br />chase s upplements <br />Vasca r units in <br />Town patrol cars <br />and records viola- <br />tors before they can <br />slow down . <br />Jack Huntress , Les Naumann feted at thank-you party <br />An old adage r eceived a fresh - <br />ening up and rewriting r ecently. <br />S hakes p e are's remembered line <br />from The T e mpest -"What is <br />past is prologue " which is sort of <br />immortalized on t he National Ar- <br />c hives Building in Washington - <br />got contemporane ous, here-and- <br />now tre atme nt in a testimonial af- <br />fair for retiring mayor Jack B. <br />Huntress and retiring marshal <br />L ester C. Naumann. The event <br />wa s brightened by the appear- <br />ance of some time ago retire d town <br />clerk H e le n E. Marston. All have <br />clo,se to 10 years of service to the <br />community and over the y e ars <br />have collec ted a heavy load of af · <br />fection. Some ninety of the donors <br />of affection were present. <br />Previously the Town Counc il <br />had passed appropriate resolutions <br />of reco gnition for long service and <br />had conferred officially new titles <br />on Messrs. Huntress and Nau - <br />mann. They b ecame r es p ectively <br />Honora ry M a yor and Honorary <br />Marshal. <br />However, that wa s n 't wha t the <br />party giv e rs wante d to confer. <br />Prompte d by the organi zational <br />c a p a bilit ies of Bob Tribke n various <br />t a l ents s u rfa ced for the occa sion , <br />s ome of them with becoming and <br />a lso appropriate modest y pre fer - <br />ring to remain anonymous. A <br />Town of Paradise Valley Gle e <br />Club was rehearsed and its pro- <br />duct r ende r e d to enthusiastic ap- <br />pl a u se . The singing wa s mainly b y <br />Barbara and Phil von Ammon , <br />Carol and Bob Tribken, Sandra <br />and John O'Connor and Town <br />M a nager Jack Phillips. <br />P erhaps the hit of the evening <br />wa s a work of verse composed <br />anonymously but re ad with no <br />anonymity whatsoever b y the <br />2 <br />c ommunity's leading <br />Philip von Ammon . <br />sample ver ses: <br />stentorian, <br />Here a r e <br />ODE TO A N OLD MAYOR <br />Jack B . Huntress, J a ck b e Quic k <br />J ack jump ove r the c a ndles tick <br />J ack B . Huntress, save th e town <br />Put the utilities unde r ground <br />J ack B . Huntress, c a ll a s top <br />To building h om es on the mounta int op <br />J a ck B. Huntress, the innocent ty k es <br />A r e s plitting the air on the ir mini-bikes <br />J ack B. Huntress. u se y our bra wn <br />Kee p the p oo dle from soiling m y l a wn <br />J ack prote ct us with a ll your might <br />Your work i s go od a nd y our price is <br />r i ght <br />And whe n you're throu gh , J ack, gra b a <br />broom <br />And go swee p out the Marshal's r oom <br />Jack B. Huntress, Jack b e firm <br />Jack don't run for anothe r t e rm <br />Jack B. Huntress d eser ves no pity <br />H e c ould have be en mayo r of New <br />York City!