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KEEP YOUR T OWN THE WAY YOU WAN T IT <br />by Mayor Jac k B. Huntress <br />The T o wn of Pa radise Va ll ey <br />h as a distinctive history. It is <br />go o d to r e port, therefore , that <br />this history is n o longe r in d a nge r <br />of be in g t e rmina t e d . As som e ne w <br />r e sid e nts may not know , the l egal- <br />ity of the T o wn's incorporation <br />ha s b een unde r t est for y ea rs in <br />the Supe rior Court, whe r e the <br />Town won . The n to the Suprem e <br />Co urt, and now ba c k to the Su- <br />perior Court wher e the t es t is <br />la n guishing from disinter es t. <br />Now, howeve r, the l egislature, <br />prodded by our staunch sup- <br />porters, The Arizona Republic and <br />Phoe nix Gaz ette, provides that we <br />can , if the courts should rule <br />against u s, reincorporate the origi- <br />nal town within one year and <br />carry on from there. <br />With continuing histoJy a s- <br />s ured, we mus t seek wa ys to write <br />a be tter record. R eprese ntative <br />governm ent and citize n involv e- <br />m e nt are the foundation s of good <br />government. The Town of Paradise <br />V a lley n eeds it just as much as the <br />government in Washin gton. <br />Run for council <br />As a conce rned mayor, I appea l <br />to conce rne d res id e nts of the <br />T o wn to serve on the Town <br />Council. This is not an e a sy job. <br />There are no m e dals. But service <br />o n th e Counc il -or on one of the <br />Town Commiss ions -is the high est <br />public service that c an b e r e nde re d <br />in this c ommunity. He re is a li s t <br />o f the present c ounc il with da t es <br />of service . Some of the m m a y run <br />for ree lec tion. Ne ve rthe less, the <br />community will b ene fit if resi- <br />d e nts are g iv e n th e wid es t poss ibl e <br />ch o ice of candidates. <br />Dic k Fe ll a r s <br />Jac k B. Huntre ss <br />O scar C. Palme r, S r. <br />J 9 66- <br />1961- <br />1.9 66- <br />A. I. Sc h e re r 1966- <br />J. Ste phen Simo n 196 8- <br />E . Robe rt T r i bk e n 1962-6 4;66- <br />Philip E . vonAmmon 1964- <br />Running for o ffice is not diffi- <br />c ult. Candid a t es mu st fil e a p e ti- <br />tion ava il a bl e at the Town Ha ll <br />aft er Nove mber 1st e ndorsin g them <br />with n o less tha n 18 n o r more than <br />3 6 vote r sig na tures . This is filed <br />with the Town Cle rk 50 t o 90 day s <br />be fore the p rima ry e le ction , to b e <br />held on Tu esday , February 2 4, and <br />a ge n e ral e lection, if nee ded , sc h ed- <br />ul e d for March 30 , 1970. <br />Paradise Valley is a uniqu e com- <br />munity b ecause all of us living here <br />want it that way. Let us keep it <br />unique through the wid e st possible <br />citizen participation in its com- <br />miss ions and counc il. It's your way <br />to kee p your Town the way you <br />wa nt it. <br />ENLARGING POLICE STAFF - <br />(Below) Town Marshal Lester <br />Naumann, left, inspects patrol car <br />with Lt. Dick Kaar. New deputy <br />2 <br />Town Aids Dope Stop <br />Along with other com- <br />munities in the Va ll e y the <br />Tow n h as m a d e it's pro <br />ra t a contributio n to Dope <br />S t o p, a ne w effort to pre- <br />ve nt the sprea d of n a r- <br />c otics' use . Principals in <br />support a re the St a t e o f <br />Arizona, Maric opa County <br />and the City of Phoe nix. <br />The program is operat- <br />ed by th e Maricopa Me ntal <br />Hea lth Association a nd is <br />dir ect e d to high school <br />stude nts. The e ducational <br />e ffort is coordinated by a <br />r e habilitate d drug u ser <br />who is sa id to arou se in <br />r eali stic t erm s an und er- <br />standing of the potential <br />dange rs of drug sampling. <br />gives Town staff of · six with a sev- <br />enth authorized in budget . Addi· <br />tional patrol car will provide Town <br />with round-the -clock protection.