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patching of all paved public thorou ghfares and for <br />the grading of pub.lie roads within our Town . There <br />is also a procedure for the paving of our streets , <br />similar to that followed by our neig hboring cities . <br />Briefly , it divides our streets into three categor- <br />ies : <br />(1) Major arterials -these are roads <br />which carry thru -traffic and general <br />traffic over 7 ,000 vehicles daily . <br />Lincoln Drive, Inver~ordon Road south <br />of Lincoln Drive , and MacDonald Drive <br />are examples . All maintenance and <br />paving expenses are to be paid by the <br />Town . <br />(2) Collectors -these serve a particular <br />nei g hborhood. or commun i ty . If paving <br />is desired by the residents involved <br />they shall also bear the costs , except <br />for the engineering charges which will <br />be borne by the Town . Town Counc i l <br />approva l is necessary before construc - <br />tion is begun . <br />(3) Local streets -same policy as for collec- <br />tor streets . A number of local streets <br />have already been paved on this basis , and <br />are serving the property owners . <br />Questions regarding road work should be addressed to Peter J . "Adobe <br />Pete"' Wegner at the Town Hall . Mr . Wegne r has supervised our road <br />work over the past four (4) years on a purely voluntary basis ---a <br />great help to us . He has not on l y donated countless hour s of his <br />time , energy and "know -how" to the Town , but has contributed the f r e e <br />us of his pick -up for the betterment of our roads . <br />B -POLICE . The second larg est item in our new budget <br />is to provide three Town Deputy Marshals <br />and two patrol cars at a total cost of $30 1 000 . <br />(21% of our budg et}. Last December Town Mar - <br />shal Lester Naunrann with Council approval in - <br />s talled our first De put y Mar s hal and purcha s e d <br />our first patr ol car •••• now we are e x panding <br />to thr ee (3) Deputy Marshals and two patrol <br />cars. The Maricopa County Sheriff 's o ffice <br />has been e x treme l y cooperative dur ing our earl y <br />stages and still keeps a patrol car in our area . <br />If you find you need police protection at any <br />time , day or nig ht , please call the County <br />Sheriff's offic e at 258 -6941 and they will <br />alert the nearest Marshal by radio . Both <br />-2 -