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l <br />I <br />! <br />JOHN F. JENNINGS, North Tatum Boulevard <br />Moved to Paradise Valley fifteen years ago from Chicago. <br />On first board of the Paradise Valley Improvement Asso- <br />ciation, and served six years. Chairman of the Disaster <br />Service of the Maricopa County Red Cross. Member of <br />the Scottsdale Sheriff's Posse for fen years. Active in <br />various civic affairs. Mr. Jennings is a. member of the <br />Paradise Valley Town Council at the present time. <br />E. ROBERT TRIBKEN, 5116 E. Butler Drive <br />Attended Yale and the Harvard Business School, three <br />degrees in Industrial Administration and Electrical Engi- <br />neering. Navy Supply Officer during World War II. Mr. <br />Tribken is Engineering Department head at the Sperry <br />Phoenix Company where he is director of the space and <br />military flight control work. Has been with Sperry 12 <br />years. Came here from Garden City, New York. Three <br />sons. <br />PETER JOHN WEGNER, 7580 Mockingbird Lane <br />Born in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Graduated from St. Jer- <br />ome School, Rogers Park, 11linois. Became a sailor on the <br />Great Lakes at the age of 14 1 at 16 he enlisted in the Navy, <br />serving throughout World War I. Helped organize Cook <br />County Highway Police, and was in paving business in <br />Chicago. Horse breeder in Caledonia, Illinois. Retired <br />tn PATRrH<::P VR11Av in 19/iO_ <br />WIRRON P. (BUD) WILLSON, 6018 East Cheney Road <br />AUended Texas A and M College, law al SMU's Dallas <br />College, Texas University. Professional baseball 9 years <br />in Texas. Served in Quartermasters, Engineers, Chemical, <br />Warfare Corps, Coast Guard. Leading agent for four in- <br />surance companies. Insurance business since 1945, pres- <br />ident and chairman of board, Universal Security Life In· <br />surance Company, Scottsdale. 32nd Degree Mason, Shriner. <br />VALLEY RALLY <br />Your editor has heard rumors of a Valley Rally at the <br />Paradise Valley Racquet Club April 21 a! 4,30 p.m. Un- <br />doubtedly you will receive notice of this fun event. <br />This will be the first birthday of our town, and the <br />first neighborly "get-together" of our citizens. Food booths <br />will be manned by Valley restaurants, El Chorro, Lulu <br />Belle, Little Lulu, Red Dog, Trader Vic's-with sweet <br />things from the Sugar Bowl. <br />Music, Indian dances, and games for all ages will be <br />provided. Since everyone in the Valley is a million- <br />aire-{remember Saturday Evening Post and Life?)-the <br />smallest bill !ha! can be spent will be $25,000 I (Printed <br />only for this event.) <br />Being part of a community is sharing its fun as well as <br />its responsibilities .... you'll be at the Rally, won't you? <br />"WE LIVE IN PARADISE" <br />Remember our slogan and help keep this a reality as well <br />as a phrase. Our future will be. guided by the seven <br />councilmen you elect. Date, Primary Ele.ction, April 24; <br />Oeneral Election, May 22. Place, Valley Presbyterian <br />Church. McDnnn1tl nrivP