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':lown <br />Vol. 2, Issue II Gwen Dew Buchanan, Editor April, 1962 <br />Call To All Citizens! <br />HEAR YE! <br />The time has come to show your interest in Paradise Val- <br />ley in other ways than words. You have this opportunity <br />on Tuesday, April 24, when a primary election will be <br />held at the Valley Presbyterian Church on McDonald <br />Drive-next to Kiva School. <br />This milestone in our growth is important, for the men <br />you choose in the primary will be the ones who will guide <br />our valley for the coming year. The primary will be fol- <br />lowed by a General Election on Tuesday, May 22. <br />PROCLAMATION <br />Mayor Patrick C. Downey issued the notice for the <br />election of seven common councilmen in February, and <br />ten able men have filed their petitions. <br />On April 24 you can make your choice. An eligible <br />voter must be qualified fo register and to vote at elections <br />of Maricopa County officials1 and be a resident of the <br />Town of Paradise Valley for six months. <br />Absentee or invalid voters can obtain information from <br />Town Clerk, Mrs. C. P. Marston, at the Town Hall, 6310 <br />N. Quail Run Road, or by telephone, 946-0351. <br />WE INTRODUCE <br />You may know all of the candidates or only some of <br />them, and you will want to know the background of each. <br />As impartially as we can, and with the 1naterial furnished <br />us by the candidates1 these are the men whose names will <br />appear on the ballots1 in alphabetical order. <br />GEORGE W. ANDREWS, 5532 North Quail Place <br />Received B. S. degree in 1948 and law degree in 1951 <br />from Ohio State University. He is now an attorney for <br />Motorola, Inc.1 and has been a resident of Paradise Valley <br />for 11/2 years. Mr. Andrews has been a member of the <br />Paradise Valley Planning and Zoning Commission since <br />the town's incorporation. There are three children in the <br />family. <br />LEONARD DEEHAN, 6305 N. Mockingbird Lane <br />Has a B. S. (M. E.) from Oklahoma A. and M. College. He <br />is now an engineer with Sperry Phoenix Company. Was <br />born in Brockton, Massachusetts. Has lived in Arizona and <br />Paradise Valley for five years. Mr. Deehan is a member <br />of the Paradise Valley Planning and Zoning Commission. <br />He is interested in flying, and is a member of the <br />Camelback Toastmasters Club. Three children. <br />*** CHANDLER W. DRUMMOND, 6212 N. 38th Place <br />Born in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Attended Purdue Univer- <br />sity. Served with the Signal Corps in World War 11. <br />Member board of directors of National Broach and <br />Machine Company, Detroit. Active in the mining and <br />r3fining industry since coming to Arizona in 1955. Mr. <br />Drummond was chairman in 1961 of the Committee for <br />Annexation of the Stanford Hills-Camelback Foothills area <br />to Paradise Valley. Two children. <br />PATRICK C. DOWNEY, 5545 N. Quail Run Road <br />Present mayor of Paradise Valley. Graduated from Ari- <br />zona State University with both B. A. and M. A. degrees. <br />Was born in Mia1ni, Arizona. Formerly Director of High- <br />ways under Governor Howard Pyle; vice-president, First <br />National Bank; at present sales manager of the Weyer- <br />haeuser Timber Company. Served with the Marine Corps <br />in the Pacific. Five children. <br />SAMUEL E. HOOVER, 5629 E. Joshua Tree Road <br />Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Attended St. John's Mili- <br />tary Academy and the University of Oklahoma. Served <br />as field artillery officer in the 24th Infantry Division <br />during .the Korean War. Mr. Hoover has been employed <br />by the Arizona Public Service Company for 9 years and <br />has been a resident of Arizona for 14 years. Has two <br />children. <br />*** JACK B. HUNTRESS, 5838 N. Starlight Way <br />Graduated from Dartmouth College. Civic activities in- <br />clude president of Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce; <br />board of directors, Friends of the Library, Scottsdale, <br />chairman of building co1nmittee, St. Barnabas Episcopal <br />Church 1 board of Kiva School 1 board of directors, Rotary <br />Club of Scottsdale. Mr. Huntress is head of the Sugar <br />Bowl 1 Scottsdale. Three children.